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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by dixie-basher, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. I have picked up a new job abroad, the only thing stopping me getting my flight tickets sent through is that I am awaiting the results of a CRB check.

    I was told by the company I am going to work for to go through a firm called Scottish Disclosure which I have done, all info required sent away.

    My question is what is it they check? Just police records or do they go deeper? Nothing I can do now, as I said, all info sent, just wondered what the score is with what they check.
  2. That's a bit odd actually. Are you sure it's a CRB check they want, as only the prospective employer can apply for that. If it's just a detailed background check they're doing you don't have anything to worry about as they can't actually check police records themselves.
  3. Yes, sorry - should have been more specific. The firm I'm going to work for want me to initiate the check, therefore I can only do the basic check. A more in depth check has to be initiated by the company.
  4. I had a detailed background check carried out a few years ago by one of those private companies and there's nothing that they'll find that you don't want them to find. If you've been honest about your previous employers then you don't have anything to worry about. I had a bit of grief off them when they found out one of my former employers was no longer trading, but that was only a minor niggle.
  5. PNC for criminal and other records using NASCH factors (Name, Age, Sex, Colour, Height). PND (Police National Database) for any national Police Intelligence held on you albeit I'm unsure whether Scottish Forces have access. May go to DVA depending on the level of clearance required.
  6. Yes, all forms filled out honestly, no worries there - just hate the thought of losing this job due to "YOU HAD A PARKING TICKET IN 2009" etc. Just being a bit of a knob and flapping a bit I suppose. :roll:
  7. Good luck with your new job - send pics of any local fit ladies.
  8. If its a private firm doing the checking, they may concievably look at your credit rating too. Without knowing what the job is, it is hard to know what they will be concerned about.