crb check for training reg?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by opmsv, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. im posted to a phase one training regiment in june as a section commander. Due to me being an idiot in my younger days i have a few drunk and disorderlys on my record as well as a criminal damage. (accidentaly broke a window, went to court, paid for window and costs then that was the end of it. This was almost 10 years ago.)
    My regiment only put in for a crb check last week which i am now waiting for the result of. Will these show up and will they affect my posting?
    I dont think this counts as an actual record? I have no record with RMP's definitely and last time i was in trouble with police was a good 5 years ago. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

    also anyone know if the worst happens and the crb mucks me up, can i argue my case or is it black and white yes or no.
  2. Were you under 18 when these misdemeanours were recorded?
  3. The CRB check will show up ANY criminal court proceedings, even when spent, all CRB's are rated depending on time since conviction and seriousness of conviction as fit or unfit for work with kids/young adults/old people. If your being honest about your past then this should not be a problem bud as you will be passed to be fit for work with young adults.
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  4. Rich SJ01
    is it just court proceedings? the only one i went to court for was the criminal damage. Ive put on the crb that i dont have any convictions as i thought that was right.
  5. bobthedog
    most were under 18 but a few were in late teens and early 20s. The criminal damage i think was under 18 but possibly at 18
  6. Anything that you were found guilty of, D+D, criminal damage etc all count as a conviction. Basically if its deemed to be 'on my record' its a conviction under criminal/common/military law mate. As long as it is a spent conviction you will be fine for your future role in beasting chavs mate, unless any of those convictions is for fiddling with the scruffy little oiks at an earlier date.....dont stress about it and good luck
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  7. feel bit better bout it. cheers mate. just hope your right, let the beasting/fiddling begin.
  8. not entirely true, it will go to the APC to arbitrate, who in turn may refer to legal branch within PS2/DM(A) and an organisation called SCIRA. There is a hearty DIN & JSP on this subject, bottom line is that all criminal convictions will show and they are then measured on a risk matrix.

    Some offences are 'red', the obvious ones such as murder, kiddie fiddling etc, but also some that you wouldn't expect, ie anything to do racial or religiously aggravated assault and domestic abuse.

    Amber are the grey areas where deep pol expects will hold an enquiry and make a call.

    The green are the ones you describe, ie. D&D, criminal damages etc.

    Don't worry about it, if it is as you describe you will have no problems; if in any doubt you can always appeal. Spk to the unit CRB/PVRO and seek out the DIN/JSP.
  9. Lets be clear though, it depends on the level of CRB.

    Basic disclosure will NOT show spent convictions

    Next level up will show all convictions, date, court, offence and disposal. It will also show cautions and other rel information along with other "government" information.

    What level do they apply for?
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  10. Enhanced....
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  11. Enhanced - will show every conviction spent or "live" along with the details of thte conviction.
  12. If you have been posted to a Trg Regt, APC will already have put you through 'Red Cap' an RMP system that gives a 90%+ confidence check that you will pass CRB. I'm speculating but I think it is linked to the Police National Computer. Chances are therefore that they have already 'seen' your old convictions and are not concerned about them. Don't worry too much and good luck when you get there.
  13. I've just been told after 6 months of working at a training regiment that I'm not suitable. It's taken this long for my crb check to come through and there were a couple of things on there that I was told meant I was unsuitable to work with under 18's. One was possession of a bladed article in 1998 and the other was a caution for common assault in 2013. I was under the impression these were spent by now? on the part about working with children on the crb check, it says nothing so I presumed I was ok. None of my convictions were more than a fine. My cmo got back to me within the hour to say that Glasgow had said I would be rtu'd. Could he really have got an answer that quick or might it be the CO saying to get rid of me? What are my options? Can I appeal and if so, who to? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. For the purposes of working with children, vulnerable adults and certain professions/jobs, convictions are never 'spent'.
  15. I wouldn't worry, I have an ABH and assault charge on my CRB and been accepted for two positions.
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