CRB Check and Motoring Offenses

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ABewes, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have a question regarding the CRB check in relation to motoring offenses, such as disqualifications and if these will show on the CRB check?

    In the relation to this, I had a name change a few years back (unrelated) after the disqualification. Everything has been updated except the CRB and police.

    According to Deed poll, once I have changed my name, I can no longer use my previous name, and my recruiter hasn't asked for this information. Does that mean that the CRB will be performed on my name now, and as such, the disqualification from a few years ago will not show?

    Besides that, I'm as clean as a whistle.

    P.S. I've tried explaining this to my recruiter at the York office, but he reckons there is no need to complicate things.

  2. Later on in your career you will fill in a security clearance form which will ask if you have had any previous surnames....
  3. So all the forms being completed now are less important, because the CRB will be done later down the line, such as Phase 1 or 2?

    It would explain the recruiters response.
  4. CRB form also asks whether you have ever used a previous surname.
  5. Declare everything. Integrity.
  6. I never changed my surname, just first names.

    Bossdog, I've declared it to the recruiter, but he doesn't want to make things "complicated".
  7. Is that for his benefit or for yours?

    Sounds to me like hes being lazy.
  8. Right, just to set the record straight

    First off, you are applying for the Armed Forces, there is a legal requirement for you to give any information that you think is relevant, any previous names that you have been known by is one of these bits of information.

    If your recruiter hasnt asked for it, the application form certainly does and that is enough of an excuse for you to offer it!

    Complicated or not, its crap, you need it on there and your application needs a photocopy of the deed poll certificate attached to it ;)

    As far as the driving qualifications go, a ban is a ban! if its current then it will affect your job choices and it will be illegal for you to obtain a driving licence by stating a falsehood, so therefore you need to disclose all the information.

    But this CRB you are on about is a new one on me, we dont conduct CRB checks at all, we might conduct Security clearance checks on applicants applying for sensitive employments, but as far as Criminal Record checks go, if you have declared no criminal record then that is as far as it goes, normally we only ask an applicant to supply a criminal record print out (at their expense) if we feel their criminal record needs checking to see if they are eligible to apply.

    If your ban has run out then there is nothing to worry about, but if you enlist into a job that requires you to drive and you then fail to get a licence because you have lied about being disqualified then not only are you committing a criminal offence but you have just been classed as a "defect on enlistment" and can be booted out of the Army within 2 weeks normally ;)

    But it sounds like your recruiter is a lazy ******** to be honest ;)
  9. Fivetodo, thanks for the clear and precise info. First things first - I'm printing this out and showing it to the recruiter, and demanding that he goes through proper procedures.

    The ban has finished, so no issues there.

    As for the CRB, if this is not done, and a security check is done instead, then surely the security check is designed to pull data on criminal convictions?

    Coming back to the name change, the application for only asks for changes to your surname from that on your birth certificate. My birth name was Henry **** (embarrassment), but is now Andy ****, hence the confusion.

    Any thoughts on these?
  10. Still declare it. Your Birth Certificate will be for the first name you held not the second. If you have to add an attachment on a spare sheet then do so. Just make sure you do get it done though. If you make a false statement and get caught they could bin you.
  11. Just two thoughts.
    1. Delete your names from your post.
    2. Don't demand - request.
  12. fivetodo, CRB checks have to be completed on certain trades before phase two training, for example Health Care Assistants.
  13. So what does the security check consist of?
  14. Theres no point. His username tells all anyway.
  15. Phase 2 is at least 14 weeks after they have enlisted/attested and in most cases CRB is applied for during Phase 1 training, it is never initiated by the AFCO/ACIO ;)