Crazy Russki Girl on a Motorcycle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arkanstigger, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. Pure head-der-ball. I watched a documentary a few years ago that there are clusters of radiation scattered all over the place, some of it the size of grains of sane, but powerful enough to give you a lethal dose in a matter of minutes. Nutter ! And how do you get a "mature" 147 horse power ! Crazy.....
  2. Well I'd give her one.

    Like the idea of riding a bike like a bat out of hell through a deserted town.

    Bet I'd still get pulled by a stinking traffic taleban nazi cycle cop though... slags!

  3. Yeah, but you'd be glowing in the dark afterwards...
  4. It'd probably fog the film in the Gatso, though! 8)
  5. Brings the whole thing back in a really creepy way. Felt a bit of a voyeur reading that few pages, but well worth it.
    She is a mad bird!
  6. Pretty weird. Looks like she could get out of hand given the right encouragement.
  7. The Independent used this womans site as a basis for the first 3 pages of their review section today. No idea whether they saw it here or elsewhere though.
  8. Wow! Seriously weird lady, but pretty gripping stuff.
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks Arkan's Tigger....I read all the way through......I'll repost that website addy elsewhere too.

    Isn't her English good? I suspect she's madasafish...and who took the shots of her standing in front of the camera ? if she crashes the bike 10kms inside the zone ain't nobody going to phone for an ambulance....

    An ex-colleague is involved with the Chernobyl Children's charity and hosts kids on 2 week hols to the Isle of Wight ( home).Most of them won't reach their teens.

    If anybody needs (another) worthwhile charity to raise funds for, they qualify big time....

    A lot of uprooted lives.

    << La route est dur, mais je suis fort...>>
    Le Chevre
  10. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    what a scary and truly mad site
    must let all my mates know about this one!
  11. The mail on sunday managed to squeeze six pages out of the website for 2nd of may.
  12. Quality psycopath that one!!

    But if the old man is a nuc physithingy, she must realise that even blasting through at mach 6, the effect of the radiation is cumulative and sooner or later she'll start to glow in the dark anyway.

    Bet she never gets cold though!!
  13. Bet she never drinks a bottle of red, half a bottle of vodka and a large slice of boney's brandy and complains of being ill for 3 days either :D :D :D :D

    edited to add the for 3 days bit - call me a fcuking lightweight at 3.15 in the morning ya twat