Crazy people .....with parachutes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Schaden, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  2. That is fecking insane. When he buzzes the road at the end!! madness
  3. Have to admit, That was AWSOME !!!!
  4. 'ckin ell!!
  5. Bonkers!
  6. I'd love to have a go :D
  7. It's that old superman joke is it not.

    Superman says to thrill Junky put this suit on and follow me, we're going to buzz that road over there.

    Junky: Are you sure it'll work.

    Superman: Course


  8. WOW! The adrenalin rush must be spectacular. They look like a human flying squirrel. Any idea what the horizontal/vertical air speeds are?
  9. "fecking insane" "bonkers" dont knock it till you've tried it - as an adrenalin rush is beats most other things - its drug free and legal!
  10. I found myself backing away from the screen, as he was about to launch himself from the platform !! I had thought motorbikes were the most fun you could have whilst keeping on your trousers - but, I dare say this is better!! (However, I'll stick with motorbikes - they have brakes!!).
  11. fookinghhheeeeelllllll.