Crazy people .....with parachutes

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That is fecking insane. When he buzzes the road at the end!! madness
I'd love to have a go :D
It's that old superman joke is it not.

Superman says to thrill Junky put this suit on and follow me, we're going to buzz that road over there.

Junky: Are you sure it'll work.

Superman: Course


Deleted 20555 said:

Base jumping....what to do when "eet gets a leetle"
WOW! The adrenalin rush must be spectacular. They look like a human flying squirrel. Any idea what the horizontal/vertical air speeds are?
"fecking insane" "bonkers" dont knock it till you've tried it - as an adrenalin rush is beats most other things - its drug free and legal!
EX_STAB said:
Or if that's not enough - strap two miniature jet engines to your ankles and see what you can do:
I found myself backing away from the screen, as he was about to launch himself from the platform !! I had thought motorbikes were the most fun you could have whilst keeping on your trousers - but, I dare say this is better!! (However, I'll stick with motorbikes - they have brakes!!).

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