Crazy People Ads for Defence Equipment

Last weeks news that the army were prepared to give up units to defend money for armoured vehicles for Afghanstan really bugged me. We have wasted so much dough on kit over the years, and now this. So I was thinking, maybe the government are fed "Crazy People" adverts (Dudley Moore movie - mentally ill making up adverts like "Volvo - They're boxy, but they are good").


"Eurofighter. If the Cold War breaks out it'll make some kind of expensive sense".

"The L85. The repair cost the same as the rifle but it works now".

"The LSW - Helping you to understand why you should have paid the extra for the Minimi".

"Jackel. Spend heavily now, and later you'll be able to spend heavily and wisely".
"Chinook avionics - Why wouldn't you reinvent the wheel?"

"The JP233 - Giving third world anti-aircraft batteries a sporting chance".

and from yesteryear...

"Screech - recommended by dentists (because it'll wreck your teeth and make them rich)".

"Bacon grill - If you were hungry enough you'd eat it"


AW Wildcat - we flogged you the same airframe 40 years ago, and still you came back for more?
smartascarrots said:
BAe. Well, the taxpayers didn't really need all that money, did they?
That's a little unfair. R&D costs lots and we do not invest enough money in it. When we do, we are likely to withdraw funding at a moments notice. That leaves egg on the faces of those companies involved. BAe are a prime candidate.

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