Crazy Football Association deductions

There will be 3 clubs in league 2 starting on minus points on Saturdays first game of the season.

Luton - minus 30 points
Bournemouth - minus 17 points
Rotherham - minus 17 points

What are the FA playing at?

I always thought that the FA were as part of their role, there to support league clubs that were having problems.

The good thing for these 3 is that only 2 clubs get relegated from the league at the end of the season, so at least one of them will survive. No doubt there are other clubs in the league that may fall upon hard times during the season and get more point reductions too. At this rate there will be clubs come next May that have still not got any points.

My point is that the FA are now only interested in looking after the elite clubs, getting good TV deals (for them, not the viewers) and lining their own pockets.

Wish I could get a look at the original FA charter from when it was set up and shove it in the faces of the current crowd.

I'm disgruntled to say the least.

Mind you if they gave Leeds another deduction I wouldn't complain

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