Crazy arab driver.. (snuff)


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Well, nothing odd about that sort of driving out here. If the b*ggers could only go that fast in their bust-up orange and white wrecks, they would certainly drive like that.

Top vid, thanks SMF :)

Raghead In Pieces.

Nice to see the bloke driving carried on doing his drifting tricks whilst Abdul and his slippers were doing acrobatics in his rear view mirror....
dan_man I think most of us would let the driver have half a belt if he drove into a VCP like that.

Toerag driver............the bodywork took a hammering I noticed. Kept on going though. Wonder what make is the car?

Looks like a Holden (aussie GM type) cant be sure though, one thing I am sure of is that bloke is brown bread and if he's not I want some of what he's drinking..................
That's sooooo funny! Think I just weeed a little. :lol: Bit more left-hand down and he could have got the other two fellas on the way through!

Does it remind anyone else of a taxi ride in Telford?

Nice wheels. :?

what is that tune though? despite it being made arab friendly it is strangely familiar!

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