Crazy American Bible Freak

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by doublecrease, May 6, 2006.

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  1. Apologies if this has been seen before

    Psycho (Click)

    what a nutbar. and a w**ker at that.
  2. So much for christianity then. I'll suppose they also cause trouble etc at funerals of anyone else who dont fit in with their ideals?
    What do they think the armed forces are for? Do they seriously think the forces have a choice in the matter? Idiots. Going to hell? Lets hope these fcukwits are the first there.
  3. How on earth have they not been battered yet?

    100 members of which 80 are from one family. Bet it is a real close family!!!!!!!!

    "Mean, sick and cruel" pretty much sums them up. Can't the American cops arrest them for the duration of such activities?
  4. What can you say? I just cant put it into words. Im against the death penalty but a person like this really needs to die. It's worse than suicide bombers or the national front. Surely if death is a good thing she can off herself at some point? Im surprised no-one tried to kill her actually. One instance where an armed and unhinged american could be a good thing if someone tops her
  5. What a fcking freak...
  6. OMG these people are compleat head cases!!! Taking small pharses from a reading to enforce there own crack pot theroies. They also seemed to have dissmissed the majority of the bible that preaches of Love and tollerance. Well I am sure one of their glock-packing neigboughs should sort this right out!
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    She reckons God hates sodomy - who told her that ?

    If, as her demeanour suggests, letting her daddy, Uncle Zeke and her brother Billy-Bob poke her front bottom so she gets another web-fingered brother/cousin/son, what's wrong with allowing the more stable and less pointy-headed members of society access to her claypit ?

    Not very bright this section of the God Squad are they ?
    The daft cow didn't even leave her phone number so I could invite her for a evening of dirt box tampering.
  8. She's obviously never read the bible then. :roll:
  9. Jesus wants me for a fu*king sunbeam?......well he can fu*cking well wait. These people represent the bottom of the molasses barrel. Typical American pond life. Another two chromosomes and they would all have been lily pads. No wonder the rest of the planet thinks the American nation is crap!
  10. Their website is or somesuch - there was a thread on this a while ago

    They're sick

    I'd happily run over any and all of them, it'd be worth the damage to my car.

    I'd also love to get that cow drunk and take photos of me doing un-christian things to her, see how her church would see that.

    I don't think much of the interviewer (s), someone like Frost, Paxman or any Brit interviewer could truely rip her to pieces without getting as involved.

    They're scary, they should be ashamed of themselves. I'd rather die for a a free "fag" country than celebrate the death of a soldier - wouldn't any normal, reasonable person?
  11. I thought you were taking the p1ss!! I have never seen such crap in my puff! (pardon the pun).
  12. A couple of Marine Corps Cobras, loaded down with white phosphorus rockets should give them the fire and brimstone they seem so fond of.
  13. Lunatics.
  14. OMFG That women is a total bampot I could not believe that had I not seen it.