Craziest succsesful suicide attempt

This is true and happened near Oxford a few years ago. This is a highly engineered and thoughtful way to bow out and everyone who has heard this account can not believe it. The guy was early twenties . This all took place on a National Grid Electricity pylon. He rigged 40 foot of drain pipe hanging down the pylon stopping 6 foot from the floor. Inside the the drain pipe 40 feet up suspsended from some rope , was a 6 ft scaffold tube with a long pointed knife blade concreted into the end obviously with the sharp bit pointing down.He stood under the drainpipe and released the rope, the scaffold tube and knife impaling him , buried into his scull and brain. Instant death . If any knows of any other crazy ways to end ex please feel free to contribute.
Ok, you can call me pedantic if you like, but if it's succesful, surely it's not an attempt?!
Its a succsesful attempt your honour.
Agreed stacker not a bad effort, good style marks and he took some putting out, a real trier that lad.
Now one of the best I've read;

Guy (not quite right in the head) getting evicted from his flat, the last person living in the block.
He ties the handle of an electric chainsaw to the leg of his table, places a piece of cardboard on his neck with the blade of the saw resting on this. The best bit............
He has plugged it in with a timer switch!

Jammed when the blade caught on his woolen jumper but not before cutting through most of his neck and killing him!
Once met a dippy bird who tried to od on sacharine tablets. Silly cow.
Did the guy who jumped, flaming, from his 6 storey window, still have a bottle of accellerent on him? Because on impact the fire jumped from just on him, to a 3m diameter radius.
Mitch99 said:
Transformer said:
Still not seen anything that beats this!

Indian girl at work (she translated what was said) reckons he was paid to do that, as in they were paying him to die, and the money went to his dependants.
Well thats so fucked up I'm almost beyond words. Hope he took some life assuarance out as well then.
BIPOLAR77 said:
taxi driver tying rope to lamp post and his head, then driving off
Saw the photos of this when I was on a medical course. Not nice for those who witnessed it live (?), but sure brought out the macabre sense of humour of EMS.
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