Crazed Gunman shoots 20 in Finland

Whats the betting the guys a schizophrenic or on anti depresants.
carlbcfc said:
Aint this thing normally reserved for the USA.

A lad i know was shot and died in Birmingham recently.
Birmingham, Alabama? If not then that quote sort of negates your first one.


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Seems every country has its dose of psycho nut-jobs. The US has had its massacres in schools, we've had them, Finland too - and of course, there's been others including politically inspired ones like Beslan.

Sad news for Finland.

The toll?

Here's some stats:

North America

Name ↓ Location ↓ Date ↓ Year ↓ Death toll ↓

University of Texas at Austin massacre Austin, Texas, United States August 1 1966 17

Orangeburg massacre1 Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States February 8 1968 3

Kent State shootings1 Kent, Ohio, United States May 4 1970 4

Jackson State shootings1 Jackson, Mississippi, United States May 14-15 1970 2

California State University, Fullerton library massacre Fullerton, California, United States July 12 1976 7

Cleveland Elementary School shooting San Diego, California, United States January 29 1979 2

Parkway South Junior High School shooting Saint Louis, Missouri, United States January 20 1983 2

Cleveland Elementary School shooting Stockton, California, United States January 17 1989 6

University of Iowa shooting Iowa City, Iowa, United States November 1 1991 6

Lindhurst High School shooting Marysville, California, United States May 1 1992 4

Simon's Rock College of Bard shooting Great Barrington, Massachusetts, United States December 14 1992 2

Richland High School shooting Lynnville, Tennessee, United States November 15 1995 2

Frontier Junior High shooting Moses Lake, Washington, United States February 2 1996 3

Hetzel Union Building shooting State College, Pennsylvania, United States September 17 1996 1

Bethel High School shooting Bethel, Alaska, United States February 19 1997 2

Pearl High School shooting Pearl, Mississippi, United States October 1 1997 3

Heath High School shooting West Paducah, Kentucky United States December 1 1997 3

Westside Middle School shooting Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States March 24 1998 5

Parker Middle School shooting Edinboro, Pennsylvania, United States April 24 1998 1

Thurston High School shooting Springfield, Oregon, United States May 21 1998 4

Columbine High School massacre Littleton, Colorado, United States April 20 1999 15

Heritage High School shooting Conyers, Georgia, United States May 20 1999 0

Buell Elementary School shooting Mount Morris Township, Michigan, United States February 29 2000 1

Santana High School shooting Santee, California, United States March 5 2001 2

Granite Hills High School shooting El Cajon, California, United States March 22 2001 0

Appalachian School of Law shooting Grundy, Virginia, United States January 16 2002 3

Red Lion Area Junior High School shootings Red Lion, Pennsylvania, United States April 24 2003 2

Case Western Reserve University shooting Cleveland, Ohio, United States May 9 2003 1

Rocori High School shootings Cold Spring, Minnesota, United States September 24 2003 2

Fairleigh Dickinson University shooting Florham Park, New Jersey, United States April 4 2004 1

Red Lake High School massacre Red Lake, Minnesota, United States March 21 2005 10

Campbell County High School shooting Jacksboro, Tennessee, United States November 8 2005 1

Pine Middle School shooting Reno, Nevada, United States March 14 2006 0

Platte Canyon High School shooting Bailey, Colorado, United States September 27 2006 2

Weston High School shooting Cazenovia, Wisconsin, United States September 29 2006 1

Amish school shooting Nickel Mines, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States October 2 2006 6

Virginia Tech massacre Blacksburg, Virginia, United States April 16 2007 33

Delaware State University shooting Dover, Delaware, United States September 21 2007 1

SuccessTech Academy shooting Cleveland, Ohio, United States October 10 2007 1

Louisiana Technical College shooting Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States February 8 2008 3

Mitchell High School shooting Memphis, Tennessee, United States February 11 2008 0

E.O. Green School shooting Oxnard, California, United States February 12 2008 1

Northern Illinois University shooting DeKalb, Illinois, United States February 14 2008 6

Central High School shooting Knoxville, Tennessee, United States August 21 2008 1


Name Location Date/Year Notes

Centennial Secondary School shooting Brampton, Ontario Canada May 28, 1975

St Pius X High School School Ottawa, Ontario, Canada October 27, 1975

École Polytechnique Massacre Montreal, Quebec, Canada December 6, 1989

Concordia University massacre Montreal, Quebec, Canada August 24, 1992

W. R. Myers High School shooting Taber, Alberta, Canada April 28, 1999

Dawson College shooting Montreal, Quebec, Canada September 13, 2006

C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute shooting Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 23, 2007

Bendale Business and Technical Institute shooting Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 16, 2008


Name Location Date/Year Notes

Ma'alot massacre Ma'alot, Israel May 15, 1974

Raumanmeri school shooting Rauma, Finland January 24, 1989

Aarhus University Shooting Aarhus, Denmark April 4, 1994

Dunblane massacre Dunblane, Scotland, March 13, 1996

Sanaa massacre Sanaa, Yemen March 30, 1997

University of the Philippines shooting Quezon City, Philippines February 19, 1999

Erfurt massacre Erfurt, Germany April 26, 2002

Monash University shooting Melbourne, Australia October 21, 2002

Pak Phanang school shooting Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand June 6, 2003

Coburg Shooting Coburg, Germany July 3, 2003

Islas Malvinas School Carmen de Patagones, Argentina September 28, 2004

Geschwister Scholl School attack Emsdetten, Germany November 20, 2006

Beirut Arab University shooting Beirut, Lebanon January 25, 2007

Jokela school shooting Tuusula, Finland November 7, 2007

Euro International school shooting Gurgaon, India December 12, 2007

Mercaz HaRav shooting Jerusalem, Israel March 6, 2008

Kauhajoki school shooting Kauhajoki, Finland September 23, 2008

Media-famous cases

Name ↓ Location ↓ No of Victims ↓

Pekka-Eric Auvinen Jokelan koulukeskus, Finland 8

Michael Carneal Heath High School Shooting 3

Seung-Hui Cho Virginia Tech massacre 32

Laurie Dann Hubbard Woods Elementary School shooting 1

Valery Fabrikant Concordia University massacre 4

Kimveer Gill Dawson shooting 1

Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson Jonesboro massacre 5

Thomas Hamilton Dunblane massacre 17

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Columbine massacre 13

Steven Kazmierczak Northern Illinois University shooting 5

Kip Kinkel Thurston High School shooting 4

Marc Lépine (Gamil Rodrigue Gharbi) Ecole Polytechnique massacre 14

Barry Loukaitis Frontier Junior High shooting 3

Robert Poulin St. Pius X High School shooting 2

Evan Ramsey Bethel High School shooting 2

Charles Carl Roberts IV Amish school shooting 5

Jamie Rouse Richland High School shooting 2

Michael Slobodian Brampton Centennial Secondary School shooting 2

Todd Cameron Smith W. R. Myers High School shooting 1

Brenda Ann Spencer Cleveland Elementary School shooting 2

Robert Steinhäuser Erfurt massacre 16

Jeff Weise Red Lake massacre 9

Charles Whitman University of Texas at Austin Tower Massacre 15

Charles Andrew Williams Shooting at Santana High School 2

Luke Woodham Shooting at Pearl High School 3

Andrew Wurst Shooting at Parker Middle School 1
Shooter shot himself to head and is in hospital, in serious condition. So far, what is known, he managed to kill 9 people.
FiveAlpha said:
carlbcfc said:
Aint this thing normally reserved for the USA.

A lad i know was shot and died in Birmingham recently.
Birmingham, Alabama? If not then that quote sort of negates your first one.

No Brum, UK. What i meant was mass shootings are 9 out of 10 times you hear about them done by some mad yank.

The UK its generally 1 or max 2 kills per shooting.

Anything else i f*cked up ?
At a Culinary School???? Wow, I could maybe deal with ideology based education, but cooking??? I do see the sad bit about Finland having the 3rd highest gun ownership, therefore - angry person, depressed surroundings, not satisfied with the way life is turning out - give them the ultimate way to stop an arguement - shoot them!

Another Sad Day in Paradise.....
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