Crawly crawly bum lick

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tazzers, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. Let.s be honist, Cyclops has kissed everybody elses arrse so why not China. The Labour government are totally without honour and are moraly corrupt
  2. Makes me so angry.
    The Chinese have spent the last 58 years trying to erradicate the entire Tibetan culture, destroying temples, forcible relocation of Tibetansand filling the country with mainly Han chinese. Can you imagine how oppresive your dictatorship would have to be to get Buddist monks to riot in the streets?
    Thank you Gordon Brown for allying us with this scum. Im starting to feel sick
  3. Cynical people will say this is because we need China's help (it is quite well off apparently) ie with oil and trade to get through the the current global financial crisis. This and Saudi Arabia's help. Thats why Cylops McCyclops was out in sunnier climes recently.

    Doesnt offend me in the slightest. Parents murdering kids, chavscum beating up defenceless pensioners, left wing dogooders who dont support people wearing a uniform and willing to sacrifice their lives for said dogooders right to whinge, bumbandits, kiddiefiddlers (still mentally scarred), money grabbing fat tw4ts who take and dont give ie banks and a whole host of other things in equal measure offend me.
    Doesnt shame me either. Politicians unwilling to act over child abuse cases shames me. Being caught in a rather compromising position with a rather well endowed bullock shames me.
  4. I bet the Taiwanese are chuffed to NAAFI breaks.....
  5. They offend me too be these are seperate subjects.
  6. The Communists spent the Cultural Revolution trying to eradicate the traditional cultures of all China's ethnic groups, their main effort being directed at the Han. That's not the same thing at all as targetting the Tibetan culture in the specific way you're trying to make out. An interesting critique of the almost uncontested 'Government in Exile'-approved version of events is HERE.

    Nowadays, a majority of Chinese view Tibetans as being rather pampered: Tibet gets a massive amount of investment in grants and infrastructure; Tibetans get larger quotas for students at the best universities; they have lower Gao Kao scores to get in; One-Child doesn't apply to them; state pensions are higher for households registered in Tibet; and they can move far more easily between Tibet and Tibetan Autonymous Regions in the surrounding Provinces than a Han can move within their own Province.

    Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the PRCs claim to rule Tibet (and I pointed out a few glaring flaws in these very pages pre-Olympics), it actually does a damned good job of maintaining minority ethnic cultures - far better than most Western cultures do for theirs. How many government departments exist for the sole purpose of keeping the Cornish language alive and vibrant?
  7. Smartascarrots. I completely agree with you. But, perhaps, because I believe that Mrs Smartas and Mrs Rockpile hail from the same part of the glbe, we are better informed. Also, UK has a tradition of recognising what is fact rather than what we may like it to be. Finally, there are plenty of places closer to home where an area feels it should have independence but we ( the UK) don't concern ourselves with them.
  8. I'm chuffed to f*ck. You can't get around London these days for Tibetan protesters.
  9. The Taiwanese can be mentalists, themselves. The KMT refused to recognise the independance of Mongolia because in their view the Communists were not the legitimate government of China and therefore in no place to sign any treaties granting it independence. I doubt very much that they'll will be losing any sleep over the UK restating its official position of decades and with Chen doing a Bobby Sands the DPP are pretty much leaderless - not that they'd have any philosophical objections either.
  10. Times are tight, UK needs "help" (borrowings)... How long before the government start "bum licking" Arabs?
  11. Thought you-know-who had already been to Saudi to do precisely that recently.
  12. China: Huge country. In fact fcuk off big country. Vast economy although getting a bit rocky. Huge standing armed forces. Lots of geopolitical reasons to keep 'em happy or at least not p!ss them off.

    Tibet: Mountains. Otherwise SFA apart from tourism, subsistence agriculture & blokes in robes.

    Not difficult, is it?
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    This is the same government that tried to surrender British sovereignty of Gibraltar to Spain and wants to give up British sovereignty to the EU without a referendum, why on earth would you imagine they would give flying fcuk about Tibetan sovereignty?
  14. the fact is, the british government will "bum lick" any country in the world, if there is something in it for them, that is how politics is. you should all know that by now !