Cravens Part in the Great War



I would ask a favour. Some friends and associates have been working on the website below and, since November, have had it open to the public.

If You have a few minutes to spare, could You have a look at the site and test it out.

Many thanks


Cravens Part in the Great War
Nice one Sven,

just had a look through and saw the entry for Vincent Slinger who was related to my Great Grandfather Bert Slinger.

Never knew much about Vincent, except that Bert told me that he'd died after the Armistice.

Bert settled in Bentham and joined the RE and sort of discharged himself in 1919 when he recieved news that he was up for a trip to Russia.

He ended up going into building and the family firm is still going in Bentham. He was an auxiliary fireman in WW2.

Top site mate, nice tribute
I used to live in Bentham as a kid, small world isn't it. Six degrees of seperation and all that.

Good site but pretty basic, it could use a few images. Local museums usually have a military history section, it would be worth seeing if they have anything he could scan and add.

My great-grandfather was in the Royal Artillery and posted missing in 1916, never found.

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