cratting/ slabbing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SLUDGE, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. i dont know if its been done, started trawing through 280 pages then give up at 273 so i appologise.

    lets have crating /slabbing as the official punishment of the armed forces.

    lets not keep this stalwart of unofficial punishment kept in the dark.

    lets have the RSM as the official SLABMASTER.

    have unit piss up at the end of each month on the back off every slabbing

    think of the revenue if you rewrote the " rights of a soldier" and charged the big breweries advertising inside it.

    keep people out of colchester

    promotes socialising within the unit

    am i wrong

    oh whats the current slabbing scales eg ND blank, ND live, hush hush breakdown[ REME immposed] robbing b-stards. piccys in the media etc etc
  2. This has got to be the best idea I've heard for a while!
    ...might need to restrict it to s69 AA 1955 etc etc?
  3. 5 bluey's in one day, coming top of any course, there are plenty more worthy of a slab or two.
  5. arrivals, leaving, passing a course, failing a course, getting married, getting divorced, having a kid .......................................................................................the list is endless in the Engrs.
  6. Another good one in Deutschland is when you get your name mentioned on BFBS Radio. I was crated 6 times cos they kept re playing the message!!!!
  7. we stitched up a lad during the wireless for the blind appeal, by pledging money (in his name) to play the birdy song. that cost him alot of beer for the mention, more for the song choice and even more for having such a weird name....
    Michael Kane G****, oh how we laughed as the recording was played in the unit bar every time he dared to enter.
  8. Slab of beer for a mention in corps mag, if picture included think re-mortgage.
  9. This is the type of thing that gives the army a bad name!
    Its no wonder the press etc have the image of us as alco-louts!
    The only change i can see that would do any good to the current system is to have a vicious bumming for new boys/girls!
    Then they have to drink a pint of port whilst having there privates licked by a rabid cat!

    Or am i wrong?
  10. I'm attached to an RMP unit and have perused their Corps rag once or twice, only to see RLC colleagues of mine pictured inside. Is this still a crate or does it only count if you're featured in your own journal?
  11. skinty boy,
    you should bring the gun carriage around get these individuals tied to the wheels, and take a hundred lashes for the corp, then 10 slabs of stella each. no arguments
  12. Are you kidding? That's a double slab offence!!! Triple slab since it's an RMP rag!!!
  13. P.S. What are RMPs doing with their own rag? Since when can they read?
  14. i think they have mug shots of all the poor souls , they have collared the previous month , honest some one told me that ages ago guvnor.
  15. I'd better set the record straight before I get nicked! Granddad served in 8th Army WWII, got killed out there, he was an RMP. My best man was an RMP too. You can love 'em, hate 'em, and both!