Crash pilot under the influence

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Gunny Highway, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. An investigation into an army helicopter crash in County Londonderry has found the pilot was "probably under the influence of alcohol".

    The pilot admitted drinking between one and two glasses of wine at a social event five hours before the accident in the early hours of 19 July.

    Both crew members, who were in civilian clothing , were thrown clear of the aircraft while still strapped to their seats.

    Er, say that again

    Both crew members, who were in civilian clothing , were thrown clear of the aircraft while still strapped to their seats.

    WTF ??!! And it gets better......

    He had also taken off without authorisation from the detachment commander and without being briefed.


    The Gazelle crashed onto mudflats 400 metres from the shoreline and was immediately submerged in water.


    the pilot then ran back to base and raised the alarm.


    Anyone care to comment?
  2. Good lads :D :D :D

    Someone please PM me the names of the drivers
  3. I would love to know the conversation just after the crash...........

  4. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    I take he placed 1 glass of wine to his left and 1 glass to his right then downed a bottle of brandy between them! :wink:
  5. Hope so, considering he'll never fly again! Another legend begins in the AAC! They'll be talking about this in years to come!
  6. Guys lets just be a little quiet on this one.

    Those who know what I mean know what I mean! :evil:
  7. Eh? How quiet do you want it? BBC news website quiet, or delete this thread quiet?
  8. It's a shame really the bloke in question is a top geezer!!!!!!!!!! Someone who would never stab you in the back or talk about you behind your back(a rarety in the AAC) and great on the piss!!!!!!
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    No shite Sherlock !
  10. Whaaa!

    "Now now lads, no need to talk about this in public, it's not as if we're not all tax payers or anything"

    Some tw@t gets drunk and nicks a helicopter and we'll just keep quiet! And yes I do know what I know. And lots more people are going to know when the local MP's are finished.
  11. I don't think the Arrse audience is quite as big as the BBCs

    By saying stuff like 'lets keep a lid on it' etc just says 'Journo's look here there is something to hide'

    He had a couple of glasses of wine....... woo hoo, that's only speculation according to the BBC just hearsay and rumour nothing more

    Instead of climbing in his motor he takes a floppy for a jolly....... at least he didn't run anyone over:D

    Nice to see there are still a few head the balls knocking around I for one will be raising a glass to him this evening..... He is my hero

    If the BBC are reading this, have a look in Gunny highways wardrobes, he has dwarf porn :D
  12. Damn you Dohnut! I still have the photo of you and Kim strutting around the block in rolled up shreddies! That would sure look good on the BBC News website then my 'Black Dwarf Does Poodle Sex' video tape.
  13. Maybe its time for a thread titled 'Drunken antics and rotary wing aircraft'

    Am sat pondering at that, you could almost write a book and I only did 8 1/2 years :D
  14. You couldn't! Some are still serving! But personally I have witnessed many a time, pilots being 'helped' into cabs because of, er, ahem, ‘external influences’ that cause amongst other symptoms, temporary ‘unsteadiness of the legs’.
  15. If I only mentioned those that are no longer serving I could write a hefty book

    Purely made up of course as such a thing never happened :D