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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by enterprise, Sep 11, 2007.

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    i saw this on the regional news last night and thought i would look it up..


    Crashed for cash?
    Crash for cash
    By Andrew Sinclair
    A motoring scam known as 'crash for cash' is adding to the cost of insuring your car. The MP for South Norfolk Richard Bacon has called on the government to take so-called induced car accidents more seriously.

    'Crash for cash' is a scam that could be happening up to a thousand times a month, is costing the insurance industry £2b a year and adding five per cent to the cost of insuring our cars.

    It's becoming more common in this region and the MP for South Norfolk Richard Bacon has asked the government to take a close look at so-called induced car accidents.

    Fraudsters, who wish to claim from an insurance company, drive vehicles to busy road junctions where they perform unexpected manoeuvres - designed to cause other motorists to crash into them.

    They then make fraudulent claims against the innocent drivers. Some 'crash for cash' gangs are causing up to 300 crashes a year in their area.

    "In 2003, insurers were aware of just four gangs operating in the UK," said Mr Bacon.

    "By November 2006 this had grown to 40 gangs, with an average of three new gangs being detected per month," he added.

    Industry concerns
    The insurance industry is becoming increasingly concerned by the problem.

    Since 1999 there have been 22,600 'crash for cash' incidents - but the industry expects as many again in the next two years.

    "The classic crash for cash scam involves a fraudster targeting an innocent motorist by over-taking them and essentially jamming their brakes on in front of them - causing the innocent motorist to run into the back of the fraudster," said Richard Davies, a counter-fraud manager.

    "That is clearly a very dangerous situation and we see that as a threat to public safety," he added.

    Heading south
    The 'crash for cash' practice began in the north of England, but has now spread south. Luton and Milton Keynes are said to have particular problems with gangs.

    The industry has set up an insurance fraud bureau.

    Members of the public who think they may have been victims of a 'crash for cash' or who know who's behind the gangs are asked to ring 0800 328 2550. The information is confidential.

    The Home Office minister Mike O'Brien said he recognised the problem and hoped for greater co-operation between the police, public and insurance industry.
  2. They all drive like that in Norfolk! Someone I worked with once said her husband never used his indicators as "it was nobody elses damn business where he wanted to go (bor)"
  3. The other method they use is a two car drill on motorways where both cars move in front of an artic and slow down to close the distance between the artic and the rear car - the front car whacks his brakes quickly followed by the rear car. The driver of the artic is too close to the rear vehicle to stop even with his brakes applied (if he's not watching a DVD on his laptop) and crashes into the back of the rear vehicle - not significantly enough to cause major damage but enough to cause 'severe whiplash' (worth about £4 - 5 K at the moment) to the occupants and of course the artic driver is to blame for driving too close to the vehicle in front. The front car (which 'caused' the accident) has fcuked off out of it, leaving the artic driver to sort out the accident with the occupants of the rear car, who usually turn out to be of non-indigenous British appearance (according to the documentary).

    I liked the one artic driver who said that it happened to him once so now he knows what's going on the next time they won't be so fcuking fortunate as his foot slips off the brake onto the accelerator!! More power to his ankle, that's what I say!!