Crappy life in civvy street

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by taffplod, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Been out now for 13 years had 14 jobs cant seem to keep 1 going for long ,never been sacked, laid off or jacked yes, any one beat that,I've got skills, trade qualifications but cant seem to keep a decent job.Begining to wonder if its me or any other ex squaddie out there in the same shti.
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  3. Been out 13 years aswell and have had 8 jobs, left them all because I found a better one, also I got bored, life couldnt be better, no qualifications as such but I know my skills are wanted, hence no pressure in an interview, 12 interviews since leaving 8 jobs and 4 which were offered but I turned down due to pay/hours/etc etc. I love being a civvi wished I had done it sooner.

    Dont worry about how many jobs you have had, like you said you have never been sacked so nowt to worry about, just keep searching for one that suits you - good luck
  4. Been out ten years myself now on my fifth ,job but now settled and very happy ,keep looking TP there will be something out there ,or as Chimera
    suggested sign the on line again ,try that MPGS( correct me if wrong Buggrit is now doing it in Cornwall , what ever you do ,don't stop looking :wink:
  5. I was a civvy after the Army for longer than I had been a soldier. You should get into the frame of mind that nothing will replace service life and the sense of being a member of a valued team. I averaged five years per civvy job. In most, I was promoted at least two stages upwards. I suppose I left them all because there was no adrenaline. You should not worry about being a wanderer - emphasis to potential employers how ell rounded it has made you. Provided you can meet your committments to any kids and/or partner, get something you enjoy. Maybe try for something right out of your normal line of work? Best of luck in getting settled.
  6. sounds like you've got lots of experience and trade skills, so why not work for yourself? more satisfying, make your own way. good luck! you could even paint your van in corps colours.
  7. asr1, spot on!, have a sit down and think of what you could offer or what you are interested in, working for yourself could be exactly what you are looking for... I've also worked with several different Companies around the World on different contracts but that's the nature of the beast when you are in the Mines/EOD contractual side of life, it's when you finally realise what you have been earning the fat cats sat behind the desks above you that you realise the way forward is to go it alone or with a partner in crime..... a lot less stress/risk and potentially a lot more to gain financially as well as the freedom to take time out and do the things you have always wanted to but have never had the time or money!

    Even if its not related to what you did in the Military, there are some great ideas out there that people are making work with time and effort, has anyone seen the Sky Programme that was on a while ago about the chaps owning businesses that reclaim all sorts of items, clean them up and sell on? "reclaimers" I think?

    Good Luck fella, the ARRSE Site is certainly a good starting point for advice on whatever you want to start up...

  8. Yes mate i am and its not a bad life if you can handle the boredom factor. I originally left in 96 and worked the construction sites until 2003 when I got really hacked of with civvi street, heard about the MPGS and thought I'd give it a go, after all if it all went tits up you only had to do 9 months before you could sign off and be out in 3 months.

    Ive been in 3 and a half years now, got up to full screw with a reccommend for sergeant, run a shift and get paid 24k a year to sit on my arrse.
    Get free education, already done ECDL and a computer techies course for free. Why work for a bloody living, thats what I say.
    I'll be in till Im 55 or they kick me out and I'll leave with a 33 year pension. :lol:
  9. Left Jan 1st 2000 and loved the army that they put me on duty Sgt as the last working day, yes Millenium eve. Never ever ever looked back. Now earn 5 times what i left on and i was an air tech.

    I would employ a squaddie 90% of the time over a civvy, as we understand 'just get the fukker done' attitidues, you dont have to ponce around them and involve thier feelings in business decisions, are 'results focused' and enjoy a piss up.

    Get into project management as every full screw and above is a PM-you had to be to make the officers plans work! And what pissed me off most about the army is that they only offered PM courses to officers!!!!

    Do PRINCE 2, and if you like IT do an ITIL course
  10. Cheers lads thanks for the advice /comments ,just a bit depressed needed a kick up the fkcuing arse to get me going I owe you all beer next time your in Cardiff pm me .
  11. Taff your welcome mate hope it all go's well for you :wink: :wink:
  12. Been out for about 10 had 4 jobs all in Germany, 1st one doing forestry work, 2nd one laying wet concrete otherwise known as estrich on the German building sites, 3rd one looking after a fibre optic network, 4th one also fibre optics.
    Only advice don't undersell yourself, see jobs 1&2 (but they paid the rent) use your qualifications or get new ones, try the open university/evening school.
    Good luck mate its always easier to find a new job when your already working. I'm not sure what you did in the engineers but maybe try and build or improve on that. From the fact that you've never been sacked and have qualifications maybe you should go it on your own.
  13. Got out last year. Had three jobs since. Security manager, ops manager and test technician (still doing it). Still restless. Had nothing but problems with team leaders and management who do not have a clue about man management (many words have been exchanged over my attitude of lets just get it done!) . My boss at the moment used to work as a shift leader at macdonalds!! He started there when he was 16 and worked his way up to that position over ten years. He tells us this everyday he is so proud!!!

    How can i compete with that!!!!!

    Hence why I am going back in next month.
  14. I've been out 9 years now, worked for several firms. After watching massive profits go to fat cats myself and a fellow sapper are setting up on our own.
    This has got to be the way forward, be your own boss!
  15. Good on you! I've been out 13 years and am in 7th job. I too have witnessed corporate favouritism - positions created on orga-chart with no real function! The ones getting the job done carry on where they are. Senior Management give themselves profit bonuses and up to 20% rise per year!

    Feel free to pop over some time to, the veterans business and employment network - there is plenty of small business advice etc.