Crappest battalion?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by colonelmustard, Jun 4, 2004.

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  1. No doubt this'll upset a few people but this is not an attempt at "trolling".

    Which inf bn do people think is the worst? How bad do they get?

    I ask because I was talking to an ex-reg collegaue who was telling me about a certain Scottish bn he worked with, and I'm not sure I really believe it could be as bad as he made out. That and the fact that it always seems to be the same bns getting sent somewhere when it goes off - I tend to wonder what the rest of them get up to? Is it the case that it's the good units that get sent, and the rest arern't really up to it?
  2. Go back and delete the other thread you have started with the same name....cheers!

  3. Will do...something uo with the connection today - very sssslllllowwww...
  4. Which Scottish battalion would that be?
  5. I would like to nominate:

    1 LI

    I am not 1 LI but with them in Paderborn, I am Infantry posted for 2 years here.

    What makes them so bad?

    I am all for PT in the morning but to have a full scale Bn muster beforehand is a bit too much I think.

    There priorities are not with the Warriors that they depend so much on but on Platoon training (playstations before lunch etc etc)

    The method of management in 1 LI is that of last but it is panic management with Ben Hur trying to tone things down a bit :wink:

    Lastly my biggest gripe has got to be the Micro management of Junior NCO's, I agree that some wear the rank and do little, but to have a newly promoted Snr watching NCO's do the smallest of jobs makes my blood boil.

    Why cant they just let people get on and if they make a mistake "So What" after all thats what we keep getting told, that we learn from them

    No doubt when I go into work tommorow I shall think of numerous other reasons why it has been nominated.

    Never Mind though I am out of it soon :D
  6. Are you going to name them so that they can, if at all necessary, defend themselves? I am sure that we have all heard bad things and met bad people from all Regiments but there is also the flipside.
  7. It's gotta be a close run thing between the Queen's Last Resort (and then she really would be in trouble) and the Liverpool & Manchester Combined Joyriding and Thieving Gypsy Bastards Bn.

    Or am I being unfair? :?
  8. You are being unfair. :!:
  9. In that case I am really sorry and apologise unreservedly. :(
  10. In my experience, it has to be the 1st Bn R IRISH............. rubbish
  11. Big K

    Why 1 R IRISH?

    Elaborate please...

    Lets not just name Bns give reasons like the 1LI bit above.
  12. I worked with them back in 94 for a 3 week Ex in a desert location. It was a 6 wk Ex with two Inf Coy rotating through. Sp elms stayed to look after the Ech, run the ranges etc etc.

    They were also my Bn back in Cyprus. So, I knew them pretty well.

    For a start, the Ech ran like clockwork when the previous Coy was there. That was C Coy 1 RGJ - very impressive. This lot turn up and within days the place was a tip, nobody was told anything, nothing got done and nobody could be found to issue the authority to get it done. Thats just the G4 side.

    I wasn't impressed by their man management - their own blokes or their Atts/ Dets.

    On the Ex..... it was a cluster. People in the wrong place. ignoring the safety warning re: the batsims. I could go on.

    Put it this way, when I heard that a grp from the Bn had been taken hostage by the nutters in Sierra Leonne, I wasn't even remotely surprised.

    Believe me, I take no pleasure from knocking them. :(
  13. This is a pointless thread...all battalions go through peaks and troughs. If soldiers are well motivated and led they will achieve almost supernatural results - regardless of capbadge. I've seen 'elite' units with less professionalism than a paintballing club, and 'fish'n'chip' mobs look like Waffen SS in terms of drive, appliocation, speed and professionalism. Name calling will get no-one anywhere. It will do all involved a disservice.
  14. Quite. And you Sir, have my vote.
    As for 'supernatural' that's a bit spooky.
    Let's leave this one here......
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