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Crapper for the obese.

They better have them supplied or else they will complain under their "uman rites"

Prefer the picture of the winter swimmers on the same page :)
We took father inlaw to the USA few years ago , he use's a wheel chair due to having a stroke ...
Like everything in the states even the wheel chairs were wider to accomodate huge arse's , almost needed an escort the f##ker was so wide ;-) .
They should be forced to sh1t outside like the animals they are. There's a simple solution to most of the sickeningly obese people, and that's to eat less, move about more.

Before any fatties whinge about it being their 'glands' or something similar, how come you never got this many fat f*cks in the first half of the 1900's? Are these diseases more prevalant now? I think not - just people not wishing to take responsibility for filling their own corpulent faces with cake.

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