Crapita to screw up your pay


Sorry lads but the Govts favourite IT cock uppere, oops consultant CAPITA are to run the Joint Armed Forces Pay system. Leave now Were doomed, were all doomed! Source Private EYE!


Luckily now I have left & work for myself when my pay is missing I walk. weekly invoicing means I only lose 2 wks at most if they wont play ball. When I first got a job I put up with 3 months right out of 13 before I told them to paste up and dress back 200 by fax. Now it is no longer an issue or more likely my fault.
best of luck lads.
Capita have been doing my pay for years. The best was when they overpaid me several hundred pounds. I pointed this out like a good little copper and they sent me a shirty letter and cut my pay rate to reclaim the cash, no apologies ,no nothing.

Also they can't send my pay slip to the same place twice and are unhelpfull on the phone.

have fun


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