REMEbrat said:
I'm currently reading Immediate Action by Andy McNab, in it he says even if an SAS trooper is very seriously injured he will never be rtu'd. He talks of soldiers serving with the SAS having only one arm/leg/eye but saying they will never be back squadded. Is this true?
When I wrote that book I was asked to justify my comments many times.

Serving here with me in mobility troop I have a bloke who broke his leg in 67 places during the fan dance. He made himself a cast out of mud, hardened it over a hexy cooker and tabbed 79 miles back to Stirling Lines.

He failed selection because a few weeks later he cut his own head off with a can opener.

He didnt fail because of that, he failed because he sewed it on back to front and ended up running over a cliff.

Thankfully he passed selection the following year, having got through it with only minor injuries.

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