Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gman4life, Jan 21, 2010.

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    if you wana look a twat on a horse
    if you dont wana go on tour for the first 2 years of the career
    if you act as a mick guard punchbag in windsor on the piss


    i look fucking sexy in my tunic
    its worth standin on the box jus for tht reason
    i look SO. FUCKING.GOOD.

  2. who the f*uck gets a grade at ADSC?
    and who remembers there barb score?????

    go to trainin with tht attitude, prepare to get terrored

    crows :shakefist:
  3. Form square mate its the only chance you have against the superiority that is the Queens Cavalry
  4. okeydokey
    you go clean shit out of your stable
    ill go do section attacks ;)

    horse shit.....taking positions....hmmmm
  5. BV, Hexamine.... Hmmm
  6. if you're really worried about having to spend too much time doing ceremonial duties, join the Rifles instead. Same job, feck all ceremonial. The closest you'll get to ceremonial after your pass out parade is a homecoming march.
  7. Everyone gets graded at ADSC these days. And I'd be thick as all hell to forget one number/score.. 8O
  8. Hexys awesome. Feed it to afghan kids as sweets.

    Pfft WTF is the point in grading. Wen you get to depot your all the same. When you get to battallion it's exactly the same.
  9. Because if you have 30 slots available and 60 candidates you may wish to differentiate between them. Try not to think about it and just concentrate on standing nice and still lad.
  10. Would hazard a guess that as we are very nearly fully manned we can be more fussy as to who we accept in and a grading system would ensure those with the most potential to get there first?
  11. it should just be that you either pass selection or you don't. Recruits will be going into training with this gloryfied attitude that they've achieved something already and we all know they havnt.

    Of course this is just my opinion. I just don't believe that it's a good way to go about it. After all we all only want the best.
  12. You wont pass out if you eat a proper breakfast. Passing out is a chargeable offence.
  13. Household division,Brigade of Guards sorry but had to put you right old chap ! :wink:
  14. 1) What Regiment are you joining ?

    2) If you go Coldstream you will spend 6 month's with No 7 company Coldstream Guards then you will join the Battalion in Aldershot !

    3) As and when you get to do Ceremonial duties enjoy it cos it can be a good totty magnate !

    4) Join the Guards and be a Driller and a Killer ! it's good for the soul !
  15. Go HCav Matey

    Everyone does duties for a while "donkey walloping" etc

    But you do get the totty.

    You will also be part of a front line squadron (If there is a "front line" anymore) and get to deploy to some hot and sweaty places!!

    Hurrah! (said in a rather dashing cavalry fashion! :D )

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.