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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. Why do they need your e-mail address? Always makes me suspicious that they might be selling e-mail addresses to third parties, miserable fucker aren't I.
  2. Why on earth would I want to keep track of my ablutions. When I flush I don't expect to see it again...ever...!
  3. Go the same place as your shite.
  4. What a wonderful find although I'm a little concerned as to what you were really looking for on the www at the time.
    I am delighted to see that some people are downstream of the latest offering.

    Just to add: If you leave the page open it tracks your latest efforts in real time... I knew I shouldn't have eaten those oysters :(
  5. Long story short.My local water company want to charge me for "waste water management" I have a septic tank,and whilst looking for stuff to back up my case I found the site.
    Also knowing the amount of crap that flows from Arrse............
  6. That will include rainwater, both the stuff that runs through your gutters and the amount that runs off your garden to the drains on the road. Mind you you should get a reduction for the septic tank.
  7. Access denied for user 'apache'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
  8. Drains in the road? You're not familiar with darkest East Sussex then.
  9. If you set up a system of water butts benefitting from the rainwater draining from your gutters - do the water companies take that into account and give you a reduction?
  10. don't be daft, they bill you extra for sewage
  11. Given the past government's addiction to new and ever more pervasive taxes and fines, I would be surprised if you installed water butts you were not threatened with official sanctions - even imprisonment - for screwing the water company out of a few quid.

    For example, check out this lot: Garbagegate - A Stealth Tax Compendium

    One of those taxes was aptly named: The Manure Recycling Tax after Brown. At least the colour is correct and possibly the pong, too.
  12. It takes one's email address so it can keep one up to date on the number one's progress if it is not possible to keep the browser open.