Crap terrorists sentenced

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by woodyb, Mar 20, 2010.

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    The only remotely worrying thing about that video was the fact that they were clearly shouting "Allah Akhbar" then firing a blank firing pistol into the air in the middle of a housing estate.

    Did nobody think to perhaps call the police?
  2. It's like a cheap Jihadist knock-off of the Chuckle Brothers... 8O
  3. It's all a bit pathetic, innit?

    They should have just been paraded in public with signs around their necks saying: "I am a total knob!"

  4. Perhaps you could lend them yours...
  5. US sentence - 154 years + another 63 years to run back to back + a $250,000 fine
    UK sentence - concurrent 2 year sentence, with immediate release...ermmmmm

    I dont give a toss how serious they took it etc etc, I havent been inclined to dress up like a dodgy hamas member and fire blank rounds in the air in my back garden whilst calling for the death of the infidel...???