Crap Surplus Store - Newcastle

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lumpy, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. Well...I went shopping the other day, and wandered into the surplus store in Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, across from the old fire station.

    Fat bloke asks if he can help me, and I told him I was looking for the Karrimor Sabre vest, so I can see it and decide if I'll purchase it.

    'Oh no...' says the fat ******....'We dont sell fashion accesories....'

    After explaining that it is by all accounts a top quality bit of kit, he proceeded to tell me about the range of vests he stocked - Viper, Highlander, Web-Tex.

    In fact, he made a point of telling me that these were the vests of choice for the Army, and in particular SF.

    I just smiled, walked out the shop, and silently vowed never to go there again - Fat useless civvy ******.....

    What the hell happened to customer service?

    Pointless post, but I'm pissed off.........
  2. There's a bloke on Westgate Road used to do that kind of stuff have a walk up there when you get the chance, last time I was there I got some pretty Gucci stuff for knockdown prices, he didn't understand their value. Fat useless civvies are pretty handy sometimes.
  3. He didn't have what you wanted and tried to sell you what he did.

    Whats wrong with that? The kit you quoted is much of a muchness.
  4. Hes shut down a long time back. He was an ex squaddie himself and had a good range of gear at the cheapest prices Ive seen. Managed to get a load of smocks of him once which i sold on to my troop before going to batus. I think he must of had a contact in a QMs dept somewhere.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    More than likely he was lucky with the cotton waste by weight bundles that it used to be sold as!
    I piced up some unusual kit that way from and old Yid in the East End!
  6. Hardly. He took the piss out of my choice, and spoke down to me while extolling the virtues of kit that to be frank, anyone in a decent uniform knows is gasher than a gash thing.

    Letter of complaint to store coming on too....
  7. Next time you're in the QM's ask if they'll issue a life to you.
  8. Once got a pair of brand new arctic windproof trousers from that shop on the Westgate Rd for £10.
    Leave the Pilgrim St one alone though....
  9. Army Naval surplus, mostly full of scene kids buying plimsoles, i hear there is an alright store in the Bigg Market, never visited it myself so can't really comment
  10. Sure will....Whats the NSN? :)
  11. That'd be the outdoor shop opposite the Rupali (sorry, curry capital). Good amount of ex-issue stuff and some gucci kit. Got my Softie II in there.
  12. You sad wnaker. That shop has always - repeat - always - been for sad cadets wanting to spaff their pocket money - and crusties buying ex Tcherman para boots. Get over yourself - letter of complaint - why not write to The Daily Mail while you are at it.

    You appear to be able to use the internet for boring people and whining like a dry-bummed puppy dog - why not use it to buy things and leave shop keepers to their trade?
  13. All "Surplus" shops sell mainly sh!t for a massively inflated fee, and you know for a fact that the 20 stone guy with a crewcut and a goatee that's serving you is an airsofter and knows nought about a week spent in the pleasure that is STANTA, let alone six months in Basra.
    Do not let one of these walting, pot noodle eating, "Cash in the Attic" watching freaks advise you on kit my friend.

    The most I've bought from civvy "surplus" shops is: 1: One roll of sniper tape (Stores couldn't get me any prior to my last tour and it's always handy, harry maskers shits your gear up), 2: One set of ID disc silencers (can't get them through stores and I didn't want red hot bits of metal on my chest) and 3: Some Para cord. (See note 1).

    All bought from USMC in Southsea. Who are overcharging c*nts by the way. I may have needed the kit, but my wife had to sell a kidney. Cheers guys, you're the true forces heroes. :x
  14. I'm surprised at that, he didn't seem to know the difference between his arrse and his elbow, I too got some Artics Windproofs off him for a tenner. Shame he's closed down, he sold some hard to get stuff pretty at reasonable prices, mind you, apart from walking in the hills I don't do outdoor anymore being a fat useless Civvie.
  15. browns discount store was the name of the shop on westgate rd, and yes he there was many a bargin to be had, i got plenty kit from there, for next to nowt