Crap questionnaires

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. You know the stuff.

    If your house was burning down, what would you take out first?

    A. A new insurance policy
    B. The wife's jewellery
    C. The Fire Brigade. for a drink.

    Go on, make my day!
  2. You are probably the most deserving fuckwit to have earned the O2 thief tag...ever.
  3. Now that's just not fair. Crying over a spelling mistake?
  4. Really. You're getting annoying. I'm usually quite patient, but you're clocking up about 5 new topics a day, just in the NAAFI and precisely none of them are interesting. Take the hint Scroffy, get lost.
  5. Okay, point taken, although it must be said that a couple of threads I've recently started have gone over 1000 views and I never indulge in personal attacks, unlike some. Anyway, I'll go off on holiday. Back whenever. Glad to have been of disservice.

  6. Please die, mong.
  7. Don't let the door hit you on the way out! Ta-Ta!
  8. Actually, it's so nice to know that somebody thinks I'm speshul that I think I'll stick around. That, and the fact that it would seem that far more than the usual suspects seem to appreciate the particular brand of nuttiness which is me. Lurking in the shadows of cyberspace with a poolball in a sock waiting for victims is not for me. I get out there, express an opinion, try to give people a laugh, empathise and think ( I threw in empathise just to provoke, by the way). We can't all be equal, thank God.
  9. Scrofula, for the last day or so you have been posting some reasonable comments but you have to admit you do post some right fecking dross as well. What did you get your O2 Thief block for?
  10. You're absolutely right plant, and I know that too. I would hope that most people can forgive the dross for the sake of the few good bits that occasionally turn up. Nobody, after all is perfect. I think I got the OT bit for actually daring to call the perfection of others into question, and for being moderately popular, which is, indeed, a crime.
  11. Don't delude yourself, you got it for being an irritating cnut
  12. Fair enough, I can't fault that, but don't start banning all the irritating cnuts or there won't be much of a site left. Everyone likes a scratch now and then.
  13. Do us a favour, knock it off?

    A serious amount of PMs were received by all the NAAFI mods
  14. Okay, I take the hint. I'll keep my gob shut for a significant while and then only open it carefully and rarely.
  15. Thought you were going ......

    ..... I notice there was a "scroffula" that's "gone":