Crap mapreading at its best.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by PE4rocks, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Thank fcuk most of the FACs are better trained. Hopefully. :D

  2. Let's see... the sampled group was 1400 strong and no indication of who and where they were taken from. While I'm sure there are folks who would fail a basic geography test of this sort, this sort of study is highly suspect to me. Pop this question outside a grocery store in the suburbs and I'm certain 99% of the surveyed whould be correct... do it in an inner city area and well... yeah...
  3. given that the USA is HUGE it doesn't suprise me.

    It always irritates me when we in our tiny island make fun of the americans who've never left the states.

    Given that the US stretches a distance larger than from north norway to southern spain and as is wider than from UK to the beyond the Urals, how many chavvy brits have been outside of europe and truly experienced other cultures other than sangria, sun and sea??

    The average american state is bigger than england, so its hardly surprising many US citizens go beyond the next state boundary. How many arrsers could identify all the states in europe, incl the new eastern ones...most brits struggle with the counties!
  4. Thats right, we have passports for our 2 weeks a year of intellectualism and culture in Benidorm, whereas they can go to Florida or California instead!
  5. Believe that there is a u tube clip called something like stupid Americans with maps, highlights some more outsanding map reading. I can't search for it or put a link up as the fun police prevent that.
    Worth a look for a laugh if anyone can find it, distrubing though it is.
  6. and i'm sure if you held up a blank UK map to the average man in the street and asked him to point out where shropshire, derbyshire, hertfordshire etc was you'd get the same repsonse...

    ...there was a great interactive game on the internet a couple of yrs ago where you had to do the same for 20 or so european countries, could never get it right either!
  7. But of course, there is no need for the average Septic to leave his or her own little township as all the relatives he or she likes to fcuk are already there....

    TAXI! Can you hear banjos.....
  8. I agree, there is a great chunk of this country I have no idea about, its mostly in the Midlands and consequently of no interest

    However this is people who couldn't find America on a map of America, it was the inital question before asking the tricky ones like "whats the Capital" etc
  9. There is a saying that there are "Lies, damned lies, and statistics" however...

  10. wasn't there a study done recently of british people that couldn't name the capital of france, germany and ireland....countries that are very close in comparison to US states to their capital.

    When i was last over there i drew a sketch map of europe with the countries annotated, the yanks i was explaining too were genuinely astonished that france, belgium, holland, germany etc were so close to each other (i know) and so close to UK!

    The thing with the US is that it isn't UK abroad with funny accents, it is a totally, totally different country and culture that just happens to speak a variation of english.
  11. I'm with Danny on this. I know several people who thinh Wales is up by Scotland plus they believe you need passports to visit. Our Chavs can be just as thick (if not thicker given how small we are) than Americans.
  12. And the percentage of ARRSERs who have the SAOFR is...

    First line of the article notes that it is satire. :D
  13. Is this really a surprise? Former VP candidate Palin thought Africa was a country. :roll:
  14. If it's the one I think you mean ( the one where some think that Australia is N. Korea?) it's allegedly a spoof done for a US comedy programme.
  15. They did a British one, just as bad.