Crap in a cup

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fish-head, May 11, 2006.

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  1. Just to add to my anal obsession, we were chatting at work today fun stunts that take things like skiffing to a new level.

    So Fish pipes up with his new game.

    The rules are, you have to fill a cup full of shit, without touching it. No problem you think but then the idea was you put clingfilm on it and the winner is the one who can leave it on their desk the longest.

    Excuse me must bin this cup of meaty goodness...
  2. Interesting idea. We had a coffee cup mould growing competition a previous workplace.

    Unfortunately mine died due to overfeeding after a week or two.

    What's your plan for the cupful of excrement......apart from letting it sit and stink on your desk?
  3. I propose a new rule to the game. Periodically said clingfilm must either be removed or pierced, say every 3 minutes folllowed by a large nasal inhalation by the cup holder replace clingfilm and carry on as normal. The holder with most inhalations earns free drinks at next pish up.
  4. Sort of like a sh1te-flavoured magic tree?
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Jut dont pebbledash the blast area!

  6. What size cup?

    Size is important, if you have a tendency to curl out a ball bag stroking monster you dont want to be shitting in yer mums best china tea thimble leaving half the brown trout flobbing over the edge and touching the saucer?

    That said, if you're the type that blats colon shrapnel you dont really want it fermenting in a bucket sized mug, the extra volume means more trumpy gas to contend with.....?
  7. Cait, that is such a purty mouth you have.
  8. Cait, I'm going to be fighting with MDN for the next lick of your hoop!! Do you always talk like that?

    I'd suggest a latte mug (tall and quite wide) for the competition, enough space for quite a biggy
  9. Rather than piercing the clingfilm and snorting from the piercing couldnt you purse your lips and suck the cling film intil it pops in your mouth, followed by a hit of pure colonic vapour!

    Disgusting as this game is... Its arousing!
  10. The 58 pattern "black nose" is the ideal trumping receptacle, it has the width at the top, and the depth for a full "whippy" effect.

    metal mugs are ok, but that tape around the rim attracts germs... and thats just disgusting.
  11. Yes but when you picture it you don't imagine it scabbed over with coldsores and the dribble of ten strangers hamptons leaking from it.

    Fact: Cait is lush, you are a growler and a c u m dump, get over it!

    Back on thread...

    From experience (from a pal) If you curl one out into a Large Mcdonalds coke container, then place it under the automated hand heater, then retreat to your seat to watch the fall out, it will make for an entertaining lunch break.

    Whatever you do though, remember to have a wee wee when you take a dump or you will have to revisit yourself making you bring back up your egg Mcmuffin (apparently)
  12. Don't forget that plastic mugs keep the taste, hmmm nutty :D

    I fcuking lurve squaddies :twisted: Just started a new role and my new workmates are looking at me like I am crazed as I am chortling in the corner at this thread
  13. Everybody has at least one mate whose kitchen admin is absolutely fezzing- always a mountain of washing-up in the sink. For added japes and hilarity (perhaps with a slight hint of cholera and dysentary- he's probably a fact cnut who could stand to lose a few lbs anyway) why not simply add a mug chock-full of Richard III to their collection?
  14. That's one thing those tall stainless steel mugs they sell at Starbucks could be good for. It will keep a firm, healthy log shaped and warm...and give you plenty of room to land it without breaking it.
  15. :lol: :lol: :lol: LMAO when I read this thread. Playing this game in my office could have dire consequences as you'd be hard pushed to distinguish between this kind of "crap-in-a-cup" and the crap in a cup they laughingly describe as coffee!! Mistakes would be made - people would die!!