Crap hospital - Staffordshire

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Detonator, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. How can these types of things happen these days?
    Surely someone could have/should have spoken earlier!
    What will Gordon Browns excuse be for this one then!!!
  2. sounds just like an army medical centre!!!
  3. I dont want a frank and open enquiry that helps the hospital improve????

    What I want to see is heads rolling and people going to jail!!!!!
  4. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    mmmm reducing waiting lists blah blah
    bad management no one held to account blah blah
    saving money blah blah
    Mr Broon,s and his cohorts have ruined Britain
  5. Listening at length to the author of the report on this disgrace, I cannot think of any reason why the same report should not be applied to my local hospital - St George's, Tooting.

    The best solution for St. G would be the arrival of a regiment of bull-dozers.

    Having watched my elderly neighbour - an old soldier and survivor of three and a half years as a 'guest' of the disgusting Emperor of Japan - being killed in dehumanising stages, I believe that, until it is possible to DISMISS staff, of any grade or rank, without compensation or the ability to sue for compensation, then the NHS has no hope of improvement.

    As for 'heads rolling', then dream on folk, dream on.
  6. How can this happen? Very easily in a state where government by target rules

    All manner of practical problems but this is the core problem:

    An analysis of the trust's board meetings from April 2005 to 2008 found discussions were dominated by finance, targets and achieving foundation trust status.

    There is little evidence that poor standards of nursing care were identified and discussed. The investigation found that poor results of surveys of inpatients or staff were not discussed in public. It found that a doubling of the rate of C. difficile infection in the early months of 2006 was not released to the board nor the public. The investigation also found that in 2006/07 the trust set itself a target of saving £10 million. This equated to about 8% of turnover. To achieve this, over 150 posts were lost, including nurses. This was in a trust that already had comparatively low levels of staff.

    When they were first questioned about the high death rate tried to explain this as "incorrect coding of data". Odd that: I would have though that a corpse was a corpse no matter how you coded it......
  7. Put the hospital in the hands of matrons and sisters, and doctors who know what they are about.

    Pick ONE person to be responsible for the whole shebang, and ensure others are similarly responsible for smaller bits.

    Sisters rule the wards with a rod of iron, over all nurses, auxillery staff and cleaners.... oh and patients and visitors, matrons rule the sisters.

    Not sure where I get this model from though.

    If the NHS needs to get some pointers I'd recommend they get their arrses over to the German hospitals.
  8. Because nobody suffers any consequences if they don't do their jobs properly.

    The managers responsible for this were tipped off about the contents of the report a few days ago. They promptly resigned before the report was officially published so no disciplinary action can be taken against them.

    This is exactly the same as the case of Rose Gibb, who ran a pigsty of a hospital where 90 people died of infections. She was tipped off about a damning report by the Healthcare Commission then she was allowed to quietly resign with a quarter million pound payoff a few days before the report was published.

    I wonder how big a payoff the managers of the Stafford Hospital will be getting?

    Lessons will be learned? I doubt it. Each year the NHS kills more people through negligence than al-Qaeda killed in the Twin Towers.
  9. Staffordshire is the third world! Especially in terms of healthcare provision.

    My mother died from a hospital acquired infection in one of the hospitals there so the news about this particular sh1tehole doesn't surprise me at all.
  10. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Is it time to kill off the sacred cow that is the NHS?
  11. I am lead to believe that it is the Staffs and Shrops PCT's who are taking up the treatments for In-Service Mental Healthcare, since the Priory Group FAILED!

    Why reward FAILURE?

    New Laibour seem to do nothing else BUT! At least in the Mod they use to move them sideways - Coffee Boy at the Mod . . .
  12. Corporate manslaughter anyone?
  13. Wako at Whitehall!
  14. First off, get rid of 'managers'... bed managers, audit managers, ward managers and nurse managers.

    Like C_F said, get the matrons back and let them run the nursing side of hospitals, just make sure they have a solid base of nursing experience under their belts, rather than years of working as a manager of a shoe shop. Make everyone accountable for the actions of the rest of their team.

    Only allow permenant staff work on A&E wards so that they can function as a team. Agency staff are all well and good, but if you're spending half your shift telling them where the plasters are kept they're useless to you.

    The people responsible for this should be brought up on charges of criminal negligence, can't see it happening though.