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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by paulus, May 30, 2009.

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  1. I'm a 27 year old ACF instructor, currently considering a change in direction and joining the TA. Namely a TA signals sqd with a CCRF role.

    I am still deciding with work/family commitments if I am going to go for it, but would be curious if I am even medically able to.

    My unaided eyesight is very poor, I took an eyesight test a few months ago and couldn't read anything in the unaided test (i.e. no glasses), my aided vision (i.e. with glasses) was pretty good. Although would I be failed outright for my piss poor unaided vision?

    I know most will recommend going to the unit or recruiting office, but haven't fully thought it all through yet and got permission from the wife!

    Cheers and will wait for the interesting comments!
  2. Mate I can't see f.uck all without my specs either
  3. Hi

    I too wear contacts/glasses and have just done my medical for the signals at the Induction weekend, I could only read the top line without my lenses and I passed the medical.
    So its obviously not an issue to them. :D
  4. Cheers, at least someone gave me an answer!
  5. I'm blind as ****, I just didn't take my contact lenses out for the medical and kept stum

    But if you would rather go down the integrity route, get to your optician and get your prescription and compare with the entry requirements. some one here will be able to give the med regs
  6. I can't even read the top line without my bins on.

  7. eyesight and Colour perception requirements are different for some trades, what were you thinking of joining as?
  8. Damn it, wish this was the NAAFI :x
  9. Maybe it should be what you can see but mainly it is your prescription (last I checked). No more than -7 or plus 8 dioptres in any meridian, plus you need to be able to see well with your specs (used to be 20/20 for officers corrected, much lower for other ranks (6/9 right eye nearly blind 6/36 left). Different (obviously) for some things - helicopters, special forces.

    For what you want to do you might be pleasantly surprised. Supposedly -2.5 means you can only see the top line (although I could see most of the 20/20).
  10. msr

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    You obviously have not seen that the CCRF role has been binned.
  11. I'm Royal Engineers.
  12. Which trade within the RE?
  13. Design Draftsman.
  14. I'll have the relevant publication in front of me tomorrow and I'll get back to you with the exact grading you'll need to meet for this, in the mean time can you remember the result you had at the opticians? I need to know which size letters/numbers you were able to read down to.
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    TOPs, it's the original poster, paulus that needs to know. Rockhopperst4's already in.