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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Clear up please in aisle 3

    I have to do everything myself around here.

    I'm shattered and trying to watch Sharpe.

    He may or may not be on a ponyhorse.

    Like I am watching the horse....................
  2. Read the books, much better!
  3. See the bed? Lie down, close eyes and sleeeeeeep.
  4. You really need to lay off the aerostart.
  5. I would rather watch repeat episodes of neighbours from the 80's with toothpaste poured into my eyes every 2 minutes than watch that shite! After reading the books, then seeing the dogshit sad british remake of books into TV i felt ashamed! You only have to look at Game of Thrones to see the sort of budget that should be spent on putting something from a book onto tv that makes it worthwhile. It shows that british TV is wank, when you read a book and Sharpe has a company of blokes attacking with him, then on shit budget tv he has about 20 blokes running with him you see what a bag of wank british tv is!
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  6. You're not referring to books written by Tom Sharpe, are you?
  7. No, as much his books warrant their own derogatory comments for their own brand of shiteness, they differ so much from Bernard Cornwalls books which are clearly well written and deserving of being converted to TV, just not shit, chip shop, kebab van budget wank TV which we obviously used to ruin good stories... I wonder how Sharpe would have turned out on HBO (with Sean Bean of course) Brit TV is wank these days, you only have to see the amount of american stuff we watch as a matter of course... I only look at Eastenders, hollyoaks, corrie, emmerdale and the other wankfest shit story cuntfests that the stupid bints in this country cant do without and supplement with american tv to make my point...!
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  8. Sluggy, get back on the drink.

    I gave up on Sharpe years ago when ITV tried re-enacting the battle of Waterloo with about 15 blokes on either side. Kinda lost a bit of realism.
  9. Monty Python could have done it with 2 blokes and a couple of coconuts on each side... There would have been more blood, though.
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  10. Don't sit on the fence. Tell us what you really think.