Crap Britain...


I can't help thinking that we should be asking for some technical consultancy from Russia where the railways run at -25C and below and India, where the trains run at +40C and above.....



The only advice we need from the Russians is how to have a revolution and establish labour camps for deposed politicians, illegal immigrants, lazy public sector workers (not including us), social workers and other misfits and generally useless members of society!!!!!!!
Well, the answer is that they don't. Did you perhaps forget all those TV pictures of flooded cities (earlier this year), blazing hillsides (now) etc? TGVs quite often get delayed due to track buckling in the heat. The Aussies killed nine people because of this in 2001, in the same year the Yanks had 44 train accidents due to the same cause. It's a question of physics - if the tracks were pre-stressed more so as to take a higher max temp, their minimum temperature would be higher and we'd get the opposite problem in winter - only worse because they'd crack rather than bend (contracting rather than expanding). In Notts yesterday they measured one length of rail as being at 50C, the maximum is 40 (and the minimum is -10)
Perhaps if Woopert doesn't want to be P.M., either Eagle or f_2_b might
be persuaded to stand ! :wink:
What is it with you pom's? as soon as the sun comes out you all lie in the sun and fry yourselves till you sizzle!

On the subject of heat though I remeber getting stuck on a tube train in high summer and cooking for half an hour until the daft b**d who had jumped on the rails was scrapped off...

I see acording to eagles links that trade unions are trying to get workers sent home if its above 30c, prehaps they should do that here in oz we'd never get any work done, rock on!
Having woops as PM would be the same as the clown we have now!

Having spent a considerable amount of time in the Fatherland, I can say I have never come across them having problems with the trains (except the 10:17 to Dachau occasionly). I would also suggest their temp range is a bit more extreme than ours. Physics maybe, but as was admitted by a fairly senior rail engineer today on the news, British rails are made from cheaper, less robust steel, salvaged Lada's I think. Says it all really.

At least in europe they don't do things by halves. A fire IS a fire, and a train crash IS a train crash.

Totally agree with flash to bang. Revolution....go. Is it still an offence for a member of HM Forces to be a member of the commie party?

Hitler, now he had some good ideas, crinkle cut chips were a Chinese invention......
I'm a bit torn on this one, lets's face it we have a temperate climate in this country and extremes of temperature are a rarity. It stands to reason that Government Departments, utility companys, private business and local councils etc . cannot afford to spend huge amounts of money in order to be ready for "once a century" events or freak weather conditions. It's simply not cost effective.
Having said that I'm well aware that the country is gradually sinking under the weight of vast quantitys of Euro-imposed regulation and legislation, particularly in the H&S field, which is quickly making the country ungovernable. Common sense and individual initiative are fast dissappearing among decision makers as they fear litigation if they make a wrong decision.We once had the Rule of the Major-Generals in this country, we now have the Rule of the Lance-Corporals. :(
Not quite right - we have a very variable climate and this is the problem. It can (and has been in the last years 2) -10 or +38. The smartarse who wrote to the papers wondering why "Notwork Rail" don't take advice from the Indian Railways was just that (it's not heat that's the problem, it's the change in temp). If it's always hot, you prestress the rails more. No prob. But if it also gets COLD: the more you pre-stretch the rails to cope with high temps, the higher the minimum temp gets and they will crack on the first cold night.

Mr Happy

Cloggies can't do rail networks for sh*te. NEVER managed to be on time with NLrail. Germany on the otherhand has superduper rail system. As has Russia if I recall, the tube system is envy of the world AND remains so (except for that bit in St Petersburg which collapsed..).

All in all, German solcialism and lots of funding has allowed them to have a first class public transport system BUT it's cost an absolute fortune, the brits could start to emulate now (our motorways for example are superior to the autobahn in quality and size) but the Germans have LOADS more - though still have jams (stahls).

I don't suppose there is a happy solution until such time as the babyboom population explosion sorts itself out and we have less people. If we invest in a tip top system now we'll be closing loads of it (or massively funding) when the population of the UK hits 45 million in 50 years with 60% of us being OAPs... Germany has the problem of gonig from 80mm to 25mm in the next 50 and 75% OAP's, now that's gonna be over-capacity...

Now let me talk about immigration policies and who do you think is going to pay for your pensions.....

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