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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by mountain_legend, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know how you can apply for a MSc and get some funding from the army. If it is an MOD run establishment surely there is a way to get them to cough up for the MSc?

    I realise you can use learning credits but thats about all I am aware of...any ideas?
  2. Cranfield University has teaching contracts for various MoD run colleges like The RAF's Cranwell outside Grantham, and I beleive Sandhurst as well.

    First things first... are you in the Army? Because if you are not, then you won't get funding. Simple.

    If you are in the Army, you have to have the entry requirments for Cranfield Post graduate courses... which means you have to have a good first Degree at Honours level, or the equivalent of a Degree.
  3. Depends on the course.

    If you are after the Information Systems MSc, you dont necessarily need the 1st degree, and it wont cost you a bean. You dont need to be in the British Army either. You can do the Info Systems MSc as a SNCO as well.

    If you want to do the Project Management MSc, or something else from the Management School then you have to hold a commission.
  4. Hi Gents, thanks for the replies. I don't suppose you can PM me with more information?

    I have spoken to someone at the Uni and was interested in a few MSc's namely Forensic computing and IT Systems.

    They have sent me the entry requirements which as for a 1/2:1 in a related discipline which I have and yes I am in the army.

    They also sent a price list which totals around £12k for the full MSc..hence the question about funding, surely there is a DIN kicking around detailing funding for such a course?
  5. Are you full time? If you are, there will be degrees open to your specialization that you can apply for - ask around and up your CoC. I know in the RAF we have Advanced Pre Employment Training (APET) for some roles which are Masters courses - and that the Army has hundreds more places every year.
  6. There is a DIN for the modular masters programme, 2008DIN07-153. Cranfield run 3 of the 5 options: Human Resources, International Security and IT. The other 2 courses are War in the Modern World (Kings) and MBA (Open Uni). Target audience is Offrs, WOs & SNCOs.

    Applications closed for this year on 30 Apr. I expect next year's DIN will be out in Nov.
  7. I see on the cranfield prospectus they advertise a masters in forensic computing, thats the one im after, will have to keep digging around the DINs and what not. thanks guys
  8. See 2009DIN07-063.

    Register by 31 Jul for courses this year.
  9. But you will need to have some form of relevant experience and be capable of studying at that level. I know one SNCO (now WO) who is an IS practitioner by trade but with no academic experience at all. He struggled with the course and deferred a couple of terms for a number of reasons (not all his fault). A few other SNCOs (who were IS practitioners and had undertaken long IS career courses) subsequently applied for the MSc and had a real drama getting taken seriously. The trend has now changed and they expect entry level for the course to be at least a foundation degree or HND in IT / ICT / IS or engineering or equivalent experience plus a recommendation from an appropriately qualified academic referee or PQO.

    That's just my experience of the whole process as an interested party from a personal and professional perspective , although I'm not doing the IMT MSc myself (I'm doing the OU MBA - it's great!)
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