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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong area, seemed more appropriate than sports or shooting.

    As above, im looking for advice on crampons. Main uses are walking the dogs and also around the yards in work where with both the ground is largely thick compacted ice. That will be 95% of my time, the other 5% trying to get up onto the hills when i get time so im not needing anything hardcore for mountaineering.

    Im stuck between the pros/cons of spikes Vs mini-spikes. The two im looking at are:
    Pogu Mini Trail Crampons (CE Tested) - Medium Red UK7-10 - mini lightweight ice grips for snow and ice: Sports & Outdoors

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Eddit to add - I would also consider wearing these while running rather than being stuck on a tredmill or rowing machine. Would there be any problems with that?
  2. I would advise against wearing crampons on a running machine... or whilst ballroom dancing. OK for bedroom use though... probably.
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  3. For the yard

    Get proper boots & crampons if you have serious winter walking in mind, though most proper summer boots will hold a strap on crampon well enough
  4. I watched a programm last night in discovery science that show how crampons were made. It amazing how they get all that absorbent material in such a tiny cylinder. Did you know they absorb 350 times their own weight and that little blue string is rated to 10lb breaking strain.

    I also advise not smokin them, I tried in my yoof, it shrivel led up and stuck to my face in a burning mess, scarred for life, funny though, every tale I have told about said scar I've never mentioned smoking a tampon once!
  5. My wife uses Tampax Super - hope this helps.
  6. Why are they super? Do they come with a red cape?
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  7. No experience of either of the above, although I've heard good things about a similar item which has had good reviews:
    Kahtoola MICROspikes - Rough Gear UK

    I used something like this last winter, cost under a fiver and was very effective:
    Veriga City Tracks | Wildtrak

    I'm currently using Yaktrax Pro's, which usually retail at £19.99 ish, I got them from the local JJB where they have been reduced to £7.50.
    Yaktrax Pro Ice Grips | GO Outdoors

    They are very effective, although a friend complained that one of the rubber straps on his had snapped. You do need to make sure the straps are fitted in such a way that they aren't going to rub directly with the sole, you should try and fit them into the recesses in the sole.
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  9. It would seem to me that you want two very different types of crampons/grippers. For walking the dog/working in the yard I would suggest Ice Grippers - the like of which can be seen here: ice grippers: Shoes & Accessories

    As said if you are going into the hills then you want 4 season boots and crampons rated for those boots.

    eg Your boot may be rated B2, you then need a corresponding crampon. Crampons like these:

    Walking Crampons - Needle Sports

    are what you need. Others are available. I use Grivel and they work well.

  10. When used also make an ideal tea bag for vampires...
  11. Tampax with wings works well. Shove it under your boot and use the wings to fix it to the side of the boot.

    If its for dog walking and working in the yard get some short boot spikes. The usually, cheaper, flexible and will fit most boot types summer and winter. Unless your in the mountains I wouldn't recommend full on crampons. They're not very comfortable for walking in unless you are on snow and ice, they need a boot that will take them and the boot should also have a good shank in the sole. If you were out walking the dog on a leash and slipped it wouldn't look too pretty if there was an accidental dog-crampon interaction.
  12. Two years later I'm sure he's been sat on the edge of his seat waiting. Cheers cock.
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  14. You're welcome Chopper