Craig Langley / Cody Aiden Lachey

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Gladius, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. I followed the link.

    The retro babes section is well worth a gander.

    Thanks for posting.
  2. [​IMG]
    From the "Soldier killed in London thread:
    He set off alarm bells with me. He's also a veteran in danger of losing his home and an associate of one of Manchester's hardest villains. He does like his TV appearances.
    BBC News - Newsnight - Rioters revel in thrill of seizing Manchester streets

    Manchester and Salford to be hit hardest by bedroom tax - Manchester Evening News

    The Cast - At Home with the Noonans on Crime and Investigation Network
  3. I quite liked the bit where the Daily Star had a pop at Newsnight's reporting skills, and the came out with this pearler:

    Still, someone said something about retro babes. I may be some time.
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  4. or not
  5. Worried about his tenner a week on the bedroom tax?

    And I thought all the real Manchester villains lived in places like this these days, with plenty of room in the fifth bedroom for the help.



    Silly me :)
  6. Just thought I would add to this if that is okay. Craig Langley is a lying cheating Walter Mitty who lives in a fantasy world. He set up a charity page for dying children and stole the money, he sold tickets online and never sent them out, he sold weight products online and again never sent them out after taking the money. He tells everybody that he is a veteran and has seen active duty, another load of lies. To put a uniform on and go and visit Lee Rigby mum is beyond bad taste and then broadcast what he witnessed inside just takes it to an even lower level. He has been arrested for beating his then girlfriend up beyond recognition. The guy is an absolute idiotic ARSE ( excuse the pun).
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  7. Aaaaaaaaannddd we're off.
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  8. Cody, how are you related to said Mr Mitty?

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  9. “I did go to Afghanistan but I was sent home after two weeks after I threatened to kill my battery sergeant major.”
    So the fuckwit did serve abroad until he had a temper tantrum, threw teddy out of the pram & got sent home!
    What a numpty of the highest order!!
  10. Guys and Girls im the lad you talking about in this forum, there are a few things that you need to know first of all I was operational 3 times in once in Bosnia as part of Sfor and twice in Afghanistanas part of Isaf, the reporter who wrote the article, tried to speak to Manning Records but they wouldn't tell him anything because of data protection, so he came back to me and he asked did I finish my 2 tours in Afgan and I said no, I was flown out after doing my knee in the first time(dislocated my knee) and the 2nd time I checked into threatre I was out on the ground then back at camp I had a to do with my BSM and I threatend to shoot him I was reffered to the mental health team the QARAMC and found to be mentally unstable I was flown back to the UK then I had 2 weeks RNR went back to my regiment in Germany, I then threatend to shoot a lad on rear party I was then taken to Vegburg at a US base near the dutch border I was diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies I was already on a CO's warning order the regiment applied for my discharge which was accepted and I was discharged, I was homeless and ended up living in a power station in Greater Manchester, I got into a hostel where I met 2muslims who started to teach me about islam and I was learning about Islam and started to read the Quran I was going to become a muslim these 2 musllims started to take me to the mosque to be honest my head was in bits and I felt neglected by the army and the government I went from Afghan to homeless in weeks and because I was'nt drug or alcohol dependent I wasnt deemed to be vunerabel or at risk so I was forced to sleep rough, these muslims liked the idea of me being a former soldier and I believe I was being brainwashed I was impressionable and not in the right frame of mind they kept asking me could I gain access to barracks and I said yes, I then left the hostel after getting a council flat I then cut contact with them, I resent being called a racist and fantasist, I know where I have been Iand what I have and haven't done, ive never claimed to be a hero im just a soldier like everyone else, we cant demonise all muslims as terrorists, and I resent being called a racist I have asian and black friends that article was a disgrace, I was on Daybreak after I went to pay my respects to Drummer Lee Rigbys family Less than 24hours after the tragic events at woolwich, before Lee's name had been released to the media i was in CS95s(wasnt in MTP because MTP came in after I left) i was on the way to train army cadets, I wasnt expecting the media to be there so I turned up with flowers a CS95 shirt,flowers and a poppy, the media were throwing cameras and microphones in my face me and my friend just wanted to pay our respects, I had the honour of meeting Lee's family after being invited in, that moment will stay with me forever, when we left the house the media were throwing cameras in my face I couldn't even string a sentence together id just hugged and looked into the eyes of the lady who gave birth to Lee, I was in complete shock but I was asked to appear on daybreak the next day, the point is if I was racist I could of said anything live on air I didnt why ? Because im not racist and later that day I did an interview for the BBC worldwide service who broadcast worldwide in 98countries again never made a racist comment, the point is people dont believe everything you read in the papers, the media are like vultures the6 write what they Want to write they twist and misquote and then spin what you say, that article was shambolic if your ever on the receiving end of a media story you will understand and to the person pretending to be me on here I know exactly who you are, making up lies to darken my name further I just wanted to set the record straight I have nothing to gain or lose by setting the record straight, ive made mistakes in my life and I admit I have and do get in trouble with the police, my head hasnt been the same since before I joined the army im mentally and physically scarred ive been diagnosed as having PTSD, a soldiers hardest battle isnt abroad in some far away land it takes place in your mind years later you cant see this enemy nor can you fight its horrible and affects every aspect of your life, thanks for everyones time.
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  11. Cody, you aren't a soldier, you are a cunt.

    I hope this helps clear up a few things in your mind.
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  12. I found it easier to read 'a clockwork orange'!

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