Craig Jones RIP

I was a massive fan of Jonesy. I just fell for the fantastic way that he could ride a bike with such style and enthusiasm. No-one could back a bike in to corners like Craig. I will never forget the win on the Triumph at Donington on its last race. He came down Craner absolutely at the limit and everyone in the crowd was cheering wildly for him. That will be my lasting memory of him.

I only met him once, at the Day Of Champions a couple of years back, and he seemed a really friendly guy.I am really deeply saddened by his death and would like to pass my deepest sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues.

I am glad that I am off work today, because I just can't face getting on my bike at the moment.

RIP Craig.
Sad news indeed.
Just got in from work and found out he had passed away.
Watched the race on Eurosport and had a sickening feeling as he slid down the track.
Hell of a racer and will be sadly missed.
A bit late, just returned from a week away in Scotland, including a very moving tribute to Craig at the Knockhill circuit. Having only got into racing in the last couple of years i was already a fan of his all action style, on the edge always. Met him in april at a sponsors do, really friendly and couldn't have been nicer to my two boys, signed their shirts and posed for photos.

Hadn't seen the Donnington race until Sunday when they played the full race on the big screen at Knockhill. aboslutley awsesome riding. Jim Moodie drove that exact trumpet on a lap of applause, dirt in eyes everywhere!!

Condolences to his friends, family and all that knew him

RIP Craig
I was staying at my friend's home in East Sussex that weekend.
Her son returned from Brands Hatch (where he had been a spectator) at around 1800hrs.
He gave a chilling account of the accident.
And I learned that Craig Jones had died, on the radio, when driving home around midday on the Monday.
Very sad.

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