Crafty to Officer?

Just after a bit of general advice on the possibility of being able to get to go to Sandhurst. One of the guys on my course was talking about wanting to do make the change today and didn't really know where to start (and yes it is a friend of mine, not a 'friend' i.e I want to but will say a friend)!

Is it something that is possible to do or is it now a case of sitting on the decision made by entering as a Craftsman? I know it was raised by our PC in basic training (we were in the same troop) as to why he didn't take the Sandhurst route and at the time his reply was "I wanted to turn spanners" but now his mind is clearly changing.

We are currently at SEME on a VM course with a few weeks left, so will have time to finish that before anything else was to happen.

Any advice / ideas on this would be helpful, so I'll stand by for any answers.


You used to have to be under 27 IIRC, but your friend really need to ask his PC who should get the factual and complete answer, and its in your friends own interests to chase it himself.
He needs to be under 29 by the time he enters RMAS.

If he wants to be a REME Offr he will need to have the ability to get an engineering/maths/numerate degree or at least HND before then. So an A Level in maths and physics would help.

If happy to join any Corps or Regiment other than REME he would need to show the requisite officer potential and will need to be reasonably bright academically.

Good luck to him. His PC needs to check out Army Commissioning Regs, speak to the RCMO etc. Typing Army Officer into google may be a good enough start point too.

Good luck to him.
Cheers for the replys folks, passed on the advice to him today and he went to see the PC at lunch. He's given him some advice and got him loaded on a course of some sort (like PAAB?).

Looks like I may have to bang up a few salutes to him in the not too distant future!
The course will likely be either an education assessment (if the chap doesnt have A levels or equiv, and no, NVQ's do not count) or if he already has the quals it may well be the POD course (potential officers development) where he will do lots of 'cultural' stuff and generally prepare him for the RCB by trying to get him on a relatively level playing field with the uni grads etc.

This info may be out of date as it is about 6 years old (personal experience)
Unless things have drastically changed, REME always prided itself in running excellent PO courses with a high pass rate. When said crafty or lance jack passed he would be packed orf to sandhurst and REME didn't want him back. Who wants to be a feckin REME officer anyway.
anyone who has done this already, or knows much about it, where abouts in the training phase at sandhurst do you start out, are you considered week 1 day 1 again, or because of training already received do you start out further along? also, how long wuold you expect to be at rmas before moving onto whatever the next stage might be?
You would start at Day 1 at Sandhurst just like everyone else. Having done Phase 1 soldier training and being a bit older than most, this should help you be ahead of the game compared with many others in many respects. I would suggest its a a great deal more taxing than soldier phase 1 and much more is expected given the potential of all those who will attend alongside you

The commissioning course is a year long with courses starting in Jan, May and Sep each year.
I was one of the few who did it as a 28yr old SSgt Art Tels with HND from Art Course. Did 7 months on SGC (standard Graduates Course) in Victory College Sandhurst back in 1990. Hated being back at the bottom, gate duty, roving patrols etc. I was the only ex-ranker on our course and the only one married and with kids, the rest were fresh out of Uni. It was a means to an end and when I passed out, was immediately made up to full Lt for time served.

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