Crafty Mag worth saving?

Discussion in 'REME' started by naked_mole_rat, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Following on from this post in the RLC form:

    Which claims that all public funding is to be withdrawn from our Regimental publications. How would REME Arrsers feel if the crafty died a death also and if they do feel it is worth saving how far should we go as a corp to preserve it?

    I for one didn't realise that the crafty had any public money allocated towards it. I also feel that it is of a better standard than the sustainer (only my opinion) and that it strikes a good balance between the "look at me I am great brigade" and the "lets get our mates crated crowd"
  2. Funnily enough the first thing I do is count the photos. As much as I would like to see the Crafty stay, it pisses me off to see it used to push memberships of professional bodies. The benefit to the tradesman is negligible, while they are still serving.

    I view this as nothing more than an ex DEME(A) milking the Corps with the full support of the present one.

    I wonder where the Brig is going to work when he leaves the REME?
  3. *cough* Tetlow *cough*
  4. My personal view is it is worth saving. I also remember the days of feisty letters, lately too many articles seem to be of a similar fashion; and I'm surprised no-one from the old & bold has seen fit to comment on the article about the Man Recy from the sprog officer, hopefully there will be some interesting letters from old hands in the crafty in the months to come! I have to say if I was marking his article it would get a show again.
  5. Fair play Tefal heed has milked us twice what with the IET and then pushing off to the IMechE and doing it all again!
    Incidentally DES 3 is out now too :banned: in case anyone knew enough in the last one to get by!

    Save the Crafty! Could it go online? Would that save money?
  6. i thought they had re-named it to the DEME(A) Journal. Its getting beyond a joke now.
  7. Same here, the bloke obviously has some serious vanity issues....... :D
  8. An item that has/had been missing for some time which I really missed was the promotions and postings at the back. I believe it has something to do with JPA. Don't know if it is true or not. Shame as you could track your mates etc.
  9. Perhaps then The Craftsman should do canvass Corps members of all ranks and trades to see what we actually want.
    I think its a great resource to us but perhaps there should also be more of an emphasis on (relevent) engineering (not boring or too in depth stuff but more Top Tips and current trends), soldiering (not just tour life (although more about the day to day life in the FOBs etc would be good).
    I also think that we under use it to enhance Esprit de Corps (check out The Gunner mag and how they have a prize quiz based on Arty life and history).
    But then again, what do I know....
  10. What, like HERE?
  11. Shiver me timbers! Nice one Counterstrike, when does that get updated?
    Still have to have a mag in the first place to have it copied to that though.
    I was meaning more of a Crafty online only type mag.
  12. Well I remember we used to check out the photos and names - not for the repeat appearances of the Brig, but for the beer-book nominations.

    Of course, now that all tours these days are dry ones, and most of us are in the UK now, there's little point. After all, what use is a slab of beers when there's nobody ever around to crack them open?

    I say nobody - but I'm not really counting the gaming geeks who's families hate them and are consequently confined to their sweaty urine-scented rooms on a weekend.
  13. Now now, let's not forget it's invaluble sports contribution where you get to see people who have not lifted a spanner since they left trade training and have gone through the ranks due to that brilliant ability to stick two bits of wood on your feet and slide down a hill.
  14. But fair play the crafty was invaluable espically when that geezer popped his 2/3rds out on the corps football picture.

    Thats facking priceless....

    However apart from that when I have used it, the paper is too shiny on my arrse and seems to spread more shat around my hoop when I have used it for bog paper...

    So not a bad thing after all to bin it......
  15. I am so glad Im not the odd one out here, I recently mentioned it was just a DEME(A) scrapbook in a certain circle of WO's, and it was "Taxi for one". Mind you Im not crawling to go LE route. :? Bring back the soapbox if we are to keep it :?