Crafty letter, must be promotion time!!!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by pensionprisoner, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. About two months ago there was a letter in the crafty glorifying (accidently missing out the artisans) artificers. I guess it must have been promotion time. It changed my life!!! Now i understand, tiffies are the dogs danglies at the forefront of leadership and management!!! Officers be sure to use them, forget the rest of the REME, we are not worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did any one else feel enlightment from this letter????
  2. Cant remember said letter. What months issue?
  3. september i believe, u have to find it, it is half a page of enlightenment!!!
  4. Cant be arssed to look, enlighten me of the main points.
  5. I must say I havent read it yet mate but i rarely read the content of the renowned crafty, I mostly just look at the pictures to see if there is anyone I know who may have to get a crate in.

    Maybe I do this because I do not wish to become an illustrious Artificer and am quite happy to remain an Artisan.

    I do however believe that a tiffy relies heavily on their Artisans and full screws to run day to day business as well as fast balls whilst they polish their shiney arses looking at bone e-mails, filling in stats and attending conferences.

    Due to the these prized Artisans and full screws, a tiffy can occasionally leave the office and show face, usually when something of a higher profile is occuring, then reap the benifit of others hard work allowing them to write pants letters saying how good they are.

    Although not wanting to seem bitter I will say this, when things are going good they may take the praise, It's when things go wrong they usually take the crap, so I dont really mind.
  6. If it's the letter I'm thinking of it wasn't attempting to glorify tiffys, more tune them in pp. Perhaps your bitter and twisted tinted spectacles distorted the letter content?
  7. "I do however believe that a tiffy relies heavily on their Artisans and full screws to run day to day business as well as fast balls whilst they polish their shiney arses looking at bone e-mails, filling in stats and attending conferences.".

    Worked for me - apart from the emails, stats and conferences.
  8. Wow! I totally agree with your first paragraph - goes with the territory unfortunately. I do however, feel slightly embarrassed that you have had the misfortune to serve with the knob-heads you appear to be describing. If there's one thing I hate, it's people taking the credit for other's hard work. And if you are an Artisan, then I hope you have taken every opportunity to expose the fekkin brown-nose twats for what they are. There's far too many in the army (and not just us REME Tiffs) that spend their careers looking upwards, when they should be looking the other direction and taking care of the people they command. Alas, people aren't very altruistic when it comes to money and promotion (or lack-of in light of current events) when they know full well it's not gonna get them the SJAR they're after.
  9. Not at all, however the top brass need to realise that tiffies are NOT the back bone of the REME it is the Crafy's, LCpls, Cpls Sgts and SSgts on the shop floor not some brown noser (there are a couple of exceptions) who have sucked the bellend for so long that they have forgotten how to say no. The letter drags on about the qualities looked for on a PAAB, this PAAB is now a joke, u can not tell a leader from a one day event!!!
  10. This I agree with. It does allow you to rule some people out though, with tiffy books gone is PAAB now the first line of screening rather than the selection process?
  11. Have either of you been on a one day PAAB? Its funny how you seem so enlightened about judging people's qualities when Im pretty sure neither of you have been there and done it.
  12. oh pensionprisoner... :)

    Sorry Sparky8 - have to agree that I doubt a one day PAAB really gives anyone a good chance of displaying their best qualities, nor those who "judge" a chance to see a full picture of a person.

    However, we're off topic there slightly...

    PP - I've been with some awful tiffies and some quite good ones. The letter is purely someones opinion, your own may differ. Why not write to the crafty with your spin on things? I'm sure it will make entertaining reading!
  13. Im not debating whether its a good system or not because I never had the chance to act as DS on the old style PAAB. My point is that people (and Rockstar you've fallen into this) judge when they aren't in a position to do so.

    FWIW I've DS'd on the new PAAB and think that it puts the candidate under enough pressure, albeit over a shorter period, to suitably test their leadership and personal qualities. Its intensive, which the old style never was and the fast pace adds to the pressure on those ebing judged.

    But, like you say, we digress!
  14. To add to the debate - I have DS'd on the old system and Sparky you are correct, the old system was not as intensive. In addition, on the old system, the candidate's leadership and personal qualities were usually very apparent after day 1.5 (i.e. after the tuesday morning and cmd/leaderless tasks). On very rare occasions, a candidate would come through at the end of the assessment. :D
  15. Poor quotation from me there Sparky, I meant to quote this:

    Which I do agree with in some respects. Yes I agree it puts the candidate under pressure but I disagree that it is the be all and end all. A candidate my sell themselves well on the day and show certain characteristics but I don't believe their character is laid bare.
    That is why I commented on the PAAB being the first stage of a screening process, rather than the decider. I know the candidate needs to be recommended on SJAR to be loaded but how many times is this line added as a formality, due to the fact that they have passed PAAB?
    In the past the screening process included BEME and Comd ES interviews.