Craftsman Magazine Self Promotion

Discussion in 'REME' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. It is fundamentally wrong to self promote yourself in the Craftsman, but of late there has been a spate of articles where the author has included himself as the main photograph. This months crafty is typical of what i'm talking about, especially the guy who is sat crossed legged essentially saying 'i'm great!!'..ok you are great, but don't ram it down our throats.

    The general rule of thumb is a fine of some alcoholic description for each appearance, therefore i propose that a steeper penalty is paid by those who appear as both author and main subject.

    any thoughts on the penalty to impose, and is anyone in agreement?

    (disclaimer-not to be taken seriously!!)

    (addendum to disclaimer-all disclaimers are to be ignored)
  2. We could fasten the offender to a recovery vehicle,
    drive them around the parade square and thrash them till their bones show?

    Can we?
    Can we?
  3. Which page?
  4. Does this include the monthly Guest Editorial.....or should they be give special dispensation from BMs punishment??????

    Page 124???
  5. We debated this in my LAD. In the end one of the LCpls was tasked with writing a letter to the Editor of the Craftsman on the subject of beer fines/Craftsman appearances. The letter was carefully crafted to include as many names as possible to ensure maximum "crate-age". When it appeared a couple of months later I noticed one slight change, the cunning LCpl had changed the name of the originator to that of the recently posted tiffy, thus ensuring said tiffy would be crated in his new Unit.

    Personally speaking as someone who is not publicity shy, I can claim a Craftsman colour centre-spread, front cover, several articles plus appearances in BIKE and RallyXS magazines.
  6. Surely a fitting punishment for such blatant self publicity (page 124) would be an LE commission followed by a posting as Families Officer in a REME Bn.
  7. Having just gone through a few back issues, I've noticed the majority of self publicity is done by Tiffys, ASM,s and EME,s/OC's, clearly a case of look at me BEME/Comd ES are'nt I great....,no your just a Cnut who should be hosted upside down on the CRARRV crane and " serviced".
  8. He really does sound fantastic.
  9. Even I'm not that glory hungry!!
  10. check pages 102 and 103. several pics there of an ASM, now a newly commissioned LE!!!
  11. C'mon PB... leave him be. You've certainly had your share of airtime!!
  12. Leave 'em get on with it - if they need to big themselves up so badly they can't be THAT good in the first place and natural selection will find them out in the end.........

  13. Leave pitbull alone uncleblink. He is far to wide to appear on a page as thin as those in the Cfn. Besides which he's a tight Jock bugger with no pockets.
  14. Hello Pot this is Kettle, send colour state over,
  15. You're both thinking of someone else. I'm a yorkshire lad.