Craftsman June 2011 Front Cover

Discussion in 'REME' started by Gun_Doc, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. OK, I have to ask, why are the REME commando ninjas wearing their TRFs on their left arm?
  2. Perhaps because they've got something else on their right?
  3. Like another TRF?
  4. Like a Dettol badge.
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  5. Maybe the pic is inverted used to happen alot in the old film days no real excuse now though
  6. Unlikely to be an inverted pic as capbadge is in correct position.

    Most likely they have the Cdo Bde flash on the other arm and ours wouldn't fit. See 7 AA Bn for a 'we don't need no stinking badges' example, Right arm, REME TRF, 7 Bn DZ Flash, ISAF badge and any para wings worn, badges were literally below the elbow on some people.

    Worlds gone badge crazy
  7. Walts ?

    pin pulled
    awaiting incoming hehehehe
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  8. Who the blokes on the Crafty or 7Bn? If the later, don't big them up :)
  9. They shouldnt be...not seen the pics yet will take a look next week.........if it isnt a picture error they should still have dettol badge, brigade flash and union flag left arm and wings, TRF and unit flash on right arm.............I even had a full screw with all of them who had his PTI badge on aswell...looked like a scouts shirt.
  10. Right arm
    Glint tape

    Glint tape
    Union flag (I know I know)
    Cdo bde flash

    Army commando and para qual badges go where they normally go and that is current theatre policy.
  11. As drifter said not inverted as their IWs are in the right shoulder. Even if they have moved it onto the left because of the bde flash it's still on wrong, blue on the right instead of the left.

    In the days of MTP, Mk 7s, Acogs, LLMs, 2 blokes in berets (blacked out cap badges circa 1982) and C95 is a pretty outdated recruiting attempt.
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  12. The badges are in the right place and the correct way round as per 3 Cdo Bde instruction.

    It was pushed through and cleared with REME top brass as guys in Bde that have wings and a dagger end up with one sleeve like a scouts arm, so they spread it evenly over both arms:) every REME in Bde has the badges like this even if they have no wings/dagger.

    The picture has not been reversed or had any other alteration done to it...i know coz i took it!
  13. To put this thread at rest, 3 CDO Brigade SO's require the REME Flash on the Left arm with red facing forward, which is how it's on the right arm anyway. No Union Jack is to be worn. No glint tape or ISAF badges. And if you have Crossed Swords on too, your a bigger HAT that the rest!

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  14. **** pic though.

    The concept of the pic is nicked from an old recruitment poster for RM Cdo.
    Because It's been done a million times; Attatched, wannabe, add on blokes who have forsaken turning spanners to pretend they are ally get to get their perfectly ironed C95 shirts pictured in the crafty in a river in Kent with their TRF's relegated to their wrong arms as all the other badges are Much more important than ours.
    How tactical is that? Nice cam/firing position/arc cover btw bellends. Oh, and where are you supposed to be?
    They certainly had me quaking in my boots.
    I hope they get ridiculed and crated accordingly, then posted to an armoured unit with a fooking toolbox.
    REMF pricks.
  15. Ha Ha Ha FLASH
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