Craftsman Anthony Lombardi killed in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jeep65a, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Some time ago I got into a heated debate with a number of members here because I suggested that REME does in fact fight. I was dragged through the mire for even suggesting such a thing. I decided the best thing to do was not visit this forum if I was going to be treated so and not allowed a point of view.

    However I do not wish to detract from the outstanding job our infantry are doing, but the death of the latest REME lad confirms everything I have said. This young lad was on patrol with his Troop, so I respectfully ask all you guys who think REME don't do their bit to think again.

    Just read this very upsetting report – but please read it all ……………
  2. I think a recent CGC and a few MCs from Iraq have put that to bed, not to mention 2 x REMEs KIA with QDG LAD recently on HERRICK.

    Then, an AGC clerk allegedly nailed an RPG man whilst doing top cover for their CO whilst on TELIC....

    Think it doesn't matter what your capbadge is these days, even RAF Regt are getting stuck in...! The old days of in the rear with the gear don't apply anymore.
  3. Please tell me you were arguing with civies ?
  4. I am sure that nobody who knows what they're talking about would suggest that the REME don't get stuck in.
    Having been present at an incident that led to a REME chap getting an MC, I can say that this is not the case! Anyone fancy getting blown off their feet by a mortar and then calmly dusting themselves off and getting on with the job? 8)
  5. can't have been a squaddie you were argueing with, in my time in the REME my various host units had nothing but praise and pi55-taking for the Corps.
  6. Who knows Spanny ......... there's a lot of weard folks hanging around this forum .... :cry:
    I do know they were very rude to me and REME ....
  7. soldier 1st .........tradesman 2nd ......aint it ..........(well it was 20 odd years ago )

    arte-et-marte ...................

    rip cfn ....
  8. There was a bit of a hiatus when the 'Elf and Safety/Total Quality Bde briefly took over the Corps, but thankfully that's all behind us now....
  9. Well you didnt read it very well jeep,

    To provide context jeeps original argument trade and fight

    Still a brave young man who died doing his job like many others in the Corps
  10. R.I.P. Soldier.

    Your duty done.

    Arte et Marte.
  11. Years ago I used to work on vehicles in all sorts of conditions outdoors, in this country and abroad. Being covered in oil and diesel with your hands knocked to hell, sweating your ring off whilst bent double under a vehicle, scrabbling around in the dust is bad enough.

    Doing it while soldiering as well is more than I would care to sign up for.