Cracking Torygraph article on State of HM Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Majors_Son, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Torygraph Article by By Alice Thomson.

    I know it's probably preaching to the converted but i think she has some rather good views of the situation.


    Edited for Prep-school spelling ability
  2. Does anyone know where Denis (the menace) skinner lives? I am outraged to a point where I want to turn him into the duty punch-bag.
    Excellent article, I like the point about civillians moaning about broken fingernails to blokes who have recently fought in the 'Stan.....
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Dennis Skinner JEERED when the question was raised. The cnut needs terminating!
  4. well lit really does not suprise me with this socialist left wing government, they seem to think that the armed forces is not a vote winner, let im begining to think they are very much out of touch, seems like they might just be a bit scared of the armed forces as it is something they and a lot of the top civil servants just don't understand........

  5. Excelent article. The comments are pretty damn good too.
  6. I want to find out where the poster calling himself 'Mod' resides, after his comment, I would quite happily shoot him.
    Other than that, good article
  7. Top bombing.

    And that MP wants a kick up the feckin arrse. Jeering ffs... :evil:
  8. Dennis Skinner is the MP for Bolsover

    its near junction 29 of the M1 in between Chesterfield and Mansfield

    He as always a bit of a tit in the house of commons
  9. If you think this Gubmint is either Socialist or Left Wing I dread to think what you would have made of Brezhnev and his Ilk.
  10. If we shoe'd the auld cnut, he'd probably croak it.

    Best leave the silly old bugger alone.

    quentin letts on that matter:

    Some misguided souls labour under the impression that the House's ancient heckler, Dennis Skinner (Old Lefty, Bolsover, b. circa 1855), is a wit.

    He is not.

    Mr Skinner is a sour piece of work who yesterday came out with a badly misjudged "joke" while a Conservative MP was talking about the death of one of our soldiers in Afghanistan.

    A coward, too, Skinner.

    Having made his "joke" and quickly realised that it had been ill-chosen, he altered his face and rearranged his legs, as though hoping no one would notice that he was responsible for the crass remark.
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

  13. All right... shoe the auld b@stard to death, he does deserve a good kickin :)
  14. "There are other concerns. The Army's pay-as-you-dine policy, which forces soldiers to pay for their food, is apparently producing a "pot noodle and sandwich culture".

    Doesn't this infer that we got our food for free before?

    "We shouldn't be pitying the Armed Forces;"

    I don't think the Armed Forces have ever asked for pity, understanding and compassion, maybe.

    Otherwise good article.