Cracking one off on a train

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Legallybald, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. You'd have thought he would have used the Sorting Hat....
  2. "but managed to tell a police officer what the dwarf, who played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi, had done."

    I think this should have got him fucking shot.
  3. I cracked one out in a train loo thinking about a very large lady sat across the carriage from me, I was so into it i could almost smell the ripe hairy clack between her dimpled mottled thighs. Ahhh memories
  4. Midgets give me the creeps.
  5. Fucking Dwarfs, as if they are not scary enough the little bastards are now wanking on trains.

    Stick to the Circus you creepy little cunts.
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  6. He's not a Midget, Midgets are in proportion. Dwarfs on the other hand have big heads shaped like light bulbs and weird limbs.

    I once saw a Dwarf body builder in a night club that proper freaked me out.
  7. Shut up they make me sick.
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  8. No gay dwarf porn in your house then?
  9. The only thing that's wrong is getting caught. I nearly pulled my cock off when I was 16 on a train trying to finish before anyone noticed I'd been "gone for a while".
  10. Just like you jarrod, easily spotted due to being a little prick,
  11. [​IMG]

    Wanking his wee dwarfy cock with his wee dwarfy hands and stumpy fingers, whilst his big head bobs back and forward, Lush!
  12. There's an eerie resemblance between the OP's avatar and the pint-sized public pud-puller...just saying...
  13. It's his wee brother.
  14. 'performed an indecent act under a juggler's hat'

    No-one's asked if the juggler was wearing it at the time. Hitler was right - exterminate these freaks. This one's a creepy, randy, vulgar, bulb-headed, pervy little pisshead whose jizz smells of iodine and has a snuffling, stoatish orgasm noise.

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