Cracking off in Gaza: IAF taking out Hamas command structure & rocket sites

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Blogg, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. And off they go in the shape of "Operation Pillar of Cloud", which is also being played as Gaza being "FOB Iran"

    (Exodus 13.21:"And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night."

    Bodes well. Not.

    Israel kills Hamas military chief: live - Telegraph
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  2. As smoke rises above Gaza following the strike, Hamas official Khahil al Haya warns that Israel will "pay a price for the cowardly assassination" of Ahmed Jabari.
    Which will involve rockets fired at random into a civillian population no doubt.
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  3. Well the Idf heroically killed a mong on the 5th and gloriously followed up by shooting a 13 yr old on the 8th so having a jeep rpged didnt come out of the blue :(
  4. Make of this what you will.

    Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai:

    “We are facing a lengthy period during which we must prepare resiliently at the home front, listen to instructions, and stay close to protected areas. In the coming hours, the smoke will continue to rise above Gaza. The Chief of staff in the war room and the Air Force proceeds with aggressive and accurate attacks. We are in the midst of a campaign that will keep increasing.

    There is no ‘Hourglass’ over this operation – we’ve received the green light from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense. If I were a senior Hamas official – I would be looking for a place to hide. There will be a ground operation should the need arise. Infantry brigades are being diverted to support the war effort.”
  5. Funny they knew just which street he was on and in what car. Some from Hammas really do need a deep warm bunker to live in, daylight can be very dangerous.
  6. Well if you poke a scorpion, sooner or later it will sting you.
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  7. The correct term is "kicking off".

    "Cracking off" is having a wank.
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  8. I assume the IDF will be cracking one off :)
  9. One presumes it will be like the last time...

    2,000 innocent civilians killed and the IDF prove once again to be the masters of blue on blue and better at killing their own people than HAMAS.
  10. I consider Israel to be that gobshite child who picks fights with others at school, just because he's got friends in the year above. I wonder how they'd cope if the US and UK weren't there to support them?

    War mongering gimps...
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  11. The shooting could stop tomorrow if it wasn't for Islamic Jew-hatred. The only proper democracy in the region wants peace and a rabid theocracy does not, and so continues to stir it up via proxies, that is the nub of it. I guess the Hebrews will just have to go on smiting, and they do smite rather well ...don't they.
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  12. I think they would do ok, after all they would be fighting for their very existance against a culture that can't even form an orderly queue for a bus to paraphrase Moshe Dayan.
    And far from being the gobshite child..they are actually the little odd-one-out who aint scared of the bullies. Do you read the Guardian by the way?
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  13. Got their arses handed to them on a plate in the Summer War against Hizbullah.
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  14. Gaza is not a safe place even for it's leaders. This could be a long month here, thus far the last week or two in southern Israel has been a missile range. The general feeling here is that enough is enough and a harder response was long overdue.
  15. They would do very well, thankyou.
    Just because they have backing from other powers, it doesn't mean they need it. You think they couldn't survive without help from the UK? Wise up man.
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