Cracking Jokes!!

a bloke walks into the dr's and says "dr, i have an embarrasing problem with my arse" dr says" ok remove your trousers and pants" bloke says, well doc, its REALLY embarrasing, dr say's "for fuck sake man, ive been a GP for 30 years, whatever you have i have i have seen and dealt with it a hundred times!" bloke says "ok , but ill have to show you!" doc goes round the back as man takes off his trousers and leans over the desk " jesus man, have you seen the state of your arsehole?!" bloke says " yeah, told you it was bad!" what happend? mutters the doc, "well i was on safari in Kenya and was raped by a bull elephant" " i'm no vet" says the doc " but arnt bull elephants cocks long and thin?" "yes" says the man "but the cnut fingered me first!!"
sorry, i didnt know about that one!!
any chance you can move it for me?

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