Cracking job with some bloody good lads, £40-60k

We've found ex forces chaps do quite well here so if you are leaving the mob and wondering what the f**k to do next, or perhaps you have left Her Majesty's Armed Forces and you've found yourself in a shitty job then read on.

I believe that everyone deserves to be in a great job - a job that allows people to fulfil their potential. I also believe that the single most important asset a company has is the people that work in it, that's why I'm a recruitment agent (and a damn good one at that). My business, Beringer Tame, are a very well regarded and successful specialist headhunting and recruitment company based in a barn conversion in a pretty village between Newbury, Basingstoke and Reading. We are looking for two people to join our award winning team. The village is sleepy but we aren't, the majority of our clients are major brands, usually based in London so whilst we reap the benefits of living in rural Hampshire/Berkshire (lower house prices, higher quality of life, bring your dog to work etc) we cash in on the cut and thrust of a London centric market (i.e. we make a lot of money).

Why Headhunting? Well, if you joined the forces because you like working with committed, motivated and up beat people then you're half way there - we work with great talent every day. Secondly, if the thing that you really bring to the table is your personality - your ability to get people working together and herd cats over the finish line, then this is possibly for you. If you're a people person, why work with IT, processes or the civi equivalent of staff work? Thirdly, we earn more money than most people and earnings follow your ability - £40-60k is realistic but we have people earning over £100k in their second year in the job.. and it's not capped. All this and we go home at a decent time, don't work weekends and maintain a reasonably good work life balance.

Still reading? If you want to know more then take a look at the following links:

Meet the MD and some of the team:
See our careers page - Careers

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See our websites - &

Or just give us a call - 01256 881033

What have you got to loose?!
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Need a pharma/regulated industry - supply chain/logistics/buyer/contract manufacturing bod for the likes of Bayer et al?
If that supply chain/logistics/buyer/contract manufacturing bod is a bloody good lad/lass and wants to work in headhunting then yes. We can train the job, we can't train the personality.

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