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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    What is the best course you have ever done?

    For me: TACC

  2. Got to be LEOC (TA).
  3. Pre-Sandhurst Module 3 with London OTC. Short, tough and entirely fit for purpose.
  4. Machine Gun Platoon Commander's Course - Whispering Death. 0.5 million rounds of link through 20 guns. Gleaming. :D

    CATAC - Company of Gurkhas under command. Brill (the only time I commanded anything like 110 men in the field). :lol:
  5. A three day Rough Terrain Handlers (SISU) course down at Marchington, great on the p*ss and two weeks away from Bosnia waiting for flights.
  6. badminton skills...................
  7. STANOC Unit Counter-Surveillance Officers' Course.

    Some bits a bit dry, but getting to play with (& camouflage) everything from a LR Wolf to a Bridge-Layer & then go up in an aircraft (& be overflown by photo-recce aircraft) to see how well we'd done was fantastic.

    My syndicate got the Warrior to cam up - I pitied the poor sods who had to do the bridge layer...

    There was also a lot of messing around with II/TI kit; a demonstration of how a lot of the personal-purchase clothing & equipment lit up like Christmas trees when using night vision aids; some range/direction finding binoculars straight out of Star Wars; TIC suits to experiment with; & some good demos on different nations' uniforms (the US/Canadian digital pattern stuff was very good indeed).

    (Oh, & they hated the super-ally helmet net I used at the time, & I drove my Squadron more mad than I usually did when I came back with my new found knowledge straight onto exercise. But then how fatuous is it to expect the troops to wear cam cream & branches in their lids, to cam up tents & vehicles & to black out windows when the thermal signature of generators wasn't considered and the roofs of the buildings we were in had dirty great skylights we couldn't reach).
  8. Sports-wise: beyond shadow of a doubt the Norway ice-camp for bobsleigh, skeleton & luge.

    I have never been so terrified, yet strangely exhilarated to be alive (albeit with a severly damaged shoulder) in my entire life.
  9. Christ, I think I just came... :oops:

    Lucky sod!
  10. Yeoman of Signals

    2nd all courses I attended at Warminster (mainly Sigs/mortars) and RSigs SSgt course
  11. For me it's a toss-up between TA PCBC and the NATO FIBUA Instructor's course.

    PCBC was early December and bloody cold. A lot of students failed to report, so we wound up a 24 man platoon with the kit and ammo for 40. The lads who showed up were all switched on and well-motivated as well, a real joy to work with.

    FIBUA Instructors course was, as you'd expect, a large bit of showing off for the British Army. We were encouraged to take the allies down town for socialising and had a few great nights on the p*ss. All the best kit was available and massive amounts of pyro. The other nations had to give presentations on how they did FIBUA training and the toss-up was between the Danes and Italians for 'best blooper reel'. Getting the demo troops in for the final all-arms ex was brilliant as well, a light-role assault with tanks in support, brilliant!. A lot of fun, a great learning experience and a phenomenal 'peess-oop', as an Italian Major of Artillery put it.
  12. Basic Golf Skills! :wink: Week on the piss in Bulford and some golf thrown in (professional instruction every day) - All for £45!! Also had a mate who didi a"Pack Animal Handlers" course - sounds like fun!!
  13. SCBC. Nov-Dec. Great weather, every time you went up the hill to the trg area it snowed :roll:
    PTC. Sept. never rained once over the course 8O
  14. msr

    msr LE

  15. Platoon tactics course. Suppose it's got a new fangled name now :?