Cracker - another bollox damaged squaddie story

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Sven, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. On now, looks like an exsquaddie is going to go on the rampage :roll:
  2. Que?
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    We are already
  4. Never liked the programme, overrated shite, switch over to channel 4...100 greatest cartoons :D
  5. 'kin ell guys, its only half an hour in.... am watching it now.
  6. I know training has moved on since my time...but when did we start teaching squaddies how to break people's necks? Unarmed combat is usually reserved for SF units.
    I have'nt watched it from the sart, so somene correct me I'm wrong, but did'nt the bad guy leave his dabs all over the murder victim's house? I thought all coppers were fingerprinted as a condtion of employment.
    So far, this programme is about as realistic as Ultimate Farce.
  7. It's a well know fact that all ex-squaddies are psychotic loonies. I've seen it on lots of programmes, so it must be true.

    Only 3-and-a-half years till my 22 and I'm looking forward to going cuckoo. Huzzah!

    Seriously, though, these eejits portrayed in the media are always really damaged goods. You never seem to get the normal blokes who simply have a sicko sense of humour like typical ARRSE contributors.
  8. But we are all psychotic loonies. We must be, because that's the way we are always portrayed in Frost (the TV detective drama starring David Jason I mean, not the programme anchored by David Frost) when they have any story line remotely linked to the Army.
    And Christ knows what we have done to upset Karla f*cking Lane, but every single drama she has ever produced has us portrayed that way.
    But don't worry, because I have been talking to God and He has told me that she must be punished. I will purge her for her sins, just as soon as my 22 years is up next year.
  9. Maybe we should all choose postal worker as a resettlement course

    sorry that was the voices in my head
    btw carla lane has the hump with squaddies b'cos the mod wouldn't help her reasearch a book
  10. I thought it was our God given right as squaddies to all turn into psycotic maniacs as soon as we left and blame any wrong doings on our "time in the ****** (insert war / conflict / policing action as required).

    Fcuking hope so or I am right in the shit when they find the 14 dead hitchhikers in my cellar.

  11. only 14

    NIG :)
  12. This was Ultimate Farce.

    I cannot begin to tell you how my version of PTSD is different from this one-dimensional nonsense.

    However I have to say that I cheered when the arrogant Yank got his neck snapped. You have to find a source of enjoyment somewhere, right?
  13. Carla Lane has the hump with squaddies because we a)predominantly heterosexual, b)like guns and c)eat meat. We can also be a teensy weensy bit to the right of the bolshevik gopper freak bitch...hence I feel her issues with us.
  14. Carla Lane is a pads brat. I remeber listening to her in an interview years ago (shortly after she upset the Paras) claiming that she could write such things about soldiers because she had a 'unique insight' into them due to her time living on married patches.
    Utter tosh. I work with teachers, but it does not give me an insight into long holidays, liberal teaching attitudes and militant unions!!
  15. Wasn't that episode of Cracker written by Jimmy McGovern?