Cracked Windows 7 & genuine validation tool

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by supermatelot, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. My "dossing about" PC has a cracked version of Win 7 on it - using 7 loader to "authenticate it" and put the OEM stamp on it etc. Ideally I need it to run a few programs and games using "XP mode" which comes as a microsoft download. It states that I have to install a genuine validation checker etc first.

    What are / could be the consequences of me doing this?

    I previously had the same bootleg Win 7 running on it as a dual boot with Ubuntu before I severely fucked it up delving deeper than I ought to. It was an XP machine originally and I could'nt - and still can't get the DVD / CD rom to read discs, / install most of the time with WIn 7. Hence the need for XP mode. I have checked and my dvd rom drive has no Win 7 drivers available.

    I can download Windows updates and everything with no snags, have just never encountered this validation tool thing it wants to install.

    Anybody know? Cheers.
  2. cant you just use generic drivers for the dvd?
  3. Too late it would seem - just venturing near it has now won me a "This Windows is not genuine" message on the bottom right of my screen. Is this just a buggerance or will it pull the plug eventually? Just dont want to waste time installing and saving stuff etc if it will.
  4. How many hours of tinkering will it take you to swindle seventy quid out of Microsoft, and how much could you earn during those hours? If the sum is greater than seventy quid.....
  5. Money is not the problem. It's justifying to the missus that my pornputer has a major opdef and needs cash injection!

    Am currently trying to reinstall again and reactivate ( It normally hangs at about 85% through. If no joy by 20:00 then pornputer will become Ubuntu.
  6. I think you will find that only Win7 Prof version supports XP mode.
    Home Premium certainly wont so it would be a waste of money buying it, if XP mode is what you need.
    Also whilst Win 7 XP Mode should run most business applications okay, it will have problems with games that only run under XP.
  7. You could just have uninstalled the validation tool, it really is that easy.
  8. Seemingly not - seeing as I never instaled it in the first place. I actually "stepped foot" in a microsoft area that mentioned I'd need it to progress further...and seemingly that was enough. It assertained I had a hooky copy without me even putting my head on the block.

    Problem far - Just reinstalled (surprised it worked after the ballache beforehand) and no alerts as yet..

    Also discoved one of their "piss you off" methods is to turn your desktop to black. The *******!!...As if that would deter me from my Afghan goatporn habit!!! :)

    Seriously, would anybody be put off, if watching a Cheryl Cole lookalike being fisted by a quadraplegic dwarf slowly drowning in a paddling pool full of (bisto) onion gravy - if a small notice appeared saying "Yer a bit dodgy you are" appeared in the bottom right of their screen???

    Seemingly....I fuckin was!!!